St. Stephen's Prayer Chain

Priscilla.  She is ill with the flu.
Dave.  He will be having a kidney removed on February 6th.
Clark He has stage 4 kidney disease.   If it progresses to stage 5, it will mean dialysis.
Joseph -- He is suffering from pneumonia and hospitalized.
Jimmy - hospitalized in ICU with pneumonia following the flu
Ann and David - pneumonia following the flu
Mary Frances – several medical problems
Juanita –in nursing home after suffering several falls and weakness
Phil – suffering with cluster headaches
June Russell – recovering from pneumonia
Millie and Clark – prayers for good health
Madeline – broken leg and pelvis
Anna – depression
Jim – hospitalized with dementia

Pray for the Church
Pray for Peace
Pray for the people suffering from natural disasters
Pray for those in the military and their families

PRAYERS FOR THOSE WITH CANCER6 yr. old John -- His neuroblastoma has reoccurred.
Joe – undergoing treatment
Debbie – cancer 
Rosie – return of cancer – undergoing chemo
Doug – undergoing chemo therapy and suffering with dementia
Debbie T. – undergoing treatment for ovarian cancer
Lucille – stage 4 cancer – undergoing treatment
Lucille. She has passed away.  Prayers for her family.
Joan – rare cancer and heart failure
Peter – liver cancer – surgery scheduled in February
John – 6 year old with return of neuroblastoma

Pray for our shut-ins:  Stephen, Galina, Barbara and Pauline