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Parish Hall Dedication | Fr. James 25th


Demolition continued with the far end of the parish hall...

... and continues with the rest of the parish hall.

Nothing left but a BIG hole!
The wall, back side.That door was sealed shut.

Olr parish hall - chopped off.

April, 2011


Parish hall: no basement under it.

May, 2011

Parish hall end; no basement
Protection for the stained glass windows. Made the interior dark!

Telephone pole, right where the kitchen is supposed to be.

June, 2011

Oops! I guess I was out of town in July!
But the work went right on.

July, 2011


Parish Hall

August, 2011

Tour of the new parish hall.

Basement. Kind of spooky!
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September, 2011

Parish Hall. The telephone pole is where the kitchen goes, but the pole must come down before the construction can procede.


Appearance from Garner Ave.

The pole goes down!

October, 2011

Kitchen, getting started...

... and getting a roof.

November, 2011

Sidewalk torn up...

... and a new sidewalk!

Back door

Back way in on Christmas Eve.

December, 2011

Parish Hall
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January, 2012

The kitchen

Nave extension.


Rob and Austin



February, 2012

Courtyard, snow! We didn't have much snow that winter, thank goodness.

Parish Hall


The wall.

Parish Hall

Kitchen progress

Temp wall down; working on the new permanent wall.

working on the back side of the wall.

March, 2012

The wall: pregress. No doors yet

Stucco done; even a few doors installed.

Kitchen cabinets installed.

Well, it's progress, but no water yet.

Kitchen; wall tiles & cabinets

Parish hall; lights.


April Day out front

April, 2012

May, 2012

Look familiar?

What's cookin' ?
The kitchen.

May 17

May 17: doorways open,
carpeting installed

May 17: Carpeting, Nave

May 17: Kitchen range,
dishwasher, refrigerator...

May 17

May 17. Parish Hall: doors & floor
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June, 2012

June 4: Doors ready.
June 19: Doors in place!

This door, tower to Garner, has not been open for a LONG time!

Kitchen Sink and
shelf for microwave.

Dishwasher under the counter.
Lots of cabinet space

Ready for coffee hour

Empty parish hall. Not for long!
Bathroom facilities

Library: no books. Not for long!

July, 2012. We're in!

Kitchen ...there's lots to do.

Library. Books in boxes.
Doors to the nave open.
Meeting room
Parish Hall
... but we're not done yet.

August, 2012

Parking lot entrance


Classroom end of the building

Nave extension

September, 2012

We're in the building and using it, but there are still things going on...

... such as bookshelves for the library.





March, 2011

Removing old roof slates.

Taking out the old roof.

The wall, in the back of the nave.

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October, 2012

Preparing the courtyard.

Library: has books & a computer now!

... and more books!

Oct 31 - Installing stones.

November, 2012

Courtyard progress

Windows installed, from the
old Nave extension

Window installed in the vestry room.
Prodigal Son returns, patches and all.

Courtyard complete, except for planting.

The Labrynth