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Our Ministry in Pictures
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Our new Resurrection Icon
by Mark Bayer

Mark explains the icon to the parish:
Mark amd Fr James
Fr. James introduces Mark Bayer




Chaple of the Resurrection, where the
icon will be mounted on the wall.

Christmas, 2011

Christmas, 2011

Dec 24, 2011. Preparing to bring the animals up to the creche.

Aralyn places an animal into the manger

Claire puts in a lamb.

A wise man comes.

The Advent wreath.
Work Camp group departs, Saturday, July 9 2011

Caroling party, Sunnyview, Dec. 11, 2010

The whole group of carolers!

Supper afterwards.


Ice cream!

Crayons and paper.

Even a movie.

End of caroling pictures.
Let's do that again NEXT YEAR!


Other photos, life and times at St. Stephen's Church

Gospel Procession
01867 Gospel Procession
Blessing of a marriage
01870 Blessing of a marriage
kid's sermon
02093 Kid's sermon
altar rail
02100 Altar rail

02102 Singing a hymn
Parish Faire
02124 Parish Fair
Blessing animals
02183 Blessing of the animals
Altar rail
02205 altar rail
Church tower
02220 St. Stephen's tower

02270 Class
02275 Class: the sacristy
Class crushing grapes
02284 Class: crushing grapes
02299 Baptism by immersion
02314 Willie
Outdoor processional
02321 Outdoor Procession: All-Saints Day
02323 Our open door
02329 Procession into church, All Saint's day
Crayons in church
02330 Crayons in church for the kids

02345 Great grandchild
altar rail
02367 Altar rail
Chalice bearer
02370 Chalice bearer at the altar rail
02372 Claire looks...
Youth diner
02379 Preparation for the youth dinner
preparing youth dinner
02385 Preparation for the youth dinner
Youth dinner
02397 Thank-you dinner served by the youth
Potatoes by James
02400 Potatoes by James for the youth dinner
02404 Adam serves desserts: youth dinner
02407 Dishwashers, youth dinner
Deacon Pat
02410 Deacon Pat
kid's sermon
02463 Kid's sermon, Christmas time!

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