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Parish Hall Dedication | Fr. James 25th

Holy Week & Easter, 2013

Deacon Pat, Maundy Thursday
Chalice Bearer Bill, Maundy Thursday
Fr. James asks blessings, Maundy Thursday
Great Vigil
The vigil
Foot washing
Maundy Thursday
Foot washing
Maundy Thursday
First light
Easter vigil: first Light
Easter Vigil
Easter vigil
first light
Easter vigil: First Light
Flowering the cross
Easter Day: Flowering the cross
Flowering the cross
Flowering the cross
Postlude, with brass
Choir; Easter Music!
New windows
New upper windows in the "Vestry" room,
installed just in time for Easter!


Pictures from the dedication of the new Parish Hall
October 21, 2012

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Procession out the front door...

... and around the new building.

Entering the new building.

Dedication of the building.
The first St. Stephen's altar.

Bishop Herzog dedicates the building

Deacon Pat jones reads the Gospel.

Fr. James McDonald preaches

The first baptism

The second baptism


Fruit table


The lunch table

The architects at table with Austin

Lunch for all!


Austin and Marty

Lunch table

There were a few short speeches...

but we didn't record that.

BUT lunch was great!