The Messenger

Summer 1997

From the Rector.....

Dear Friends,

This is the "Summer Messenger" which means that is the last one you will receive until September. This also means that our program year is coming to an end. Every June I look back over the last ten months in amazement. The collection of monthly "Messengers" tells the story of the year just past. As I flip through the pages, there is one response that arises: the response of gratitude to God for the gift of such a year.

It has been said before on this page, and I cannot help but wonder: do we realize, do we ever really realize the gift of this congregation to us? Look through the new directory - at all the names of all who have joined our membership - and remember that many congregations struggle to show a lessened decline each year. As I flip through the past year's newsletters, I remember the incredible lives of those who have died, but not before they gave much of themselves to the work of this church. I also see articles on activities that have helped us to keep on top of social issues, to educate us about the substance of the Christian faith, to welcome those who are strangers in our midst. Consider the members of the parish council whose labors of love have strengthened us. Rejoice at the list of vestry members who have led us this far. I am overwhelmed at the children in our congregation who have crowded into our church. I am excited by the strains of choirs singing, our organ resounding.

Do we ever really realize what an INCREDIBLE, LIVELY, REMARKABLE gift this church is to each and every one of us? Come to the volunteer recognition picnic on June 8th after the 10:15 am Eucharist. Celebrate all that we have done; give thanks to God for the gifts of such a year.




The picnic will immediately follow the 10: 1 5 am Eucharist Hamburgers, hot dogs and beverages will be provided Bring a salad, dessert or other dish to share A sign-up sheet is available on the SHOP counter Bring your lawn chairs or blankets and wear your "picnic clothes".


in the

The Episcopal Diocese of Albany

Ever thought about a week ... or two... or three ... exporing God's creation in a beautiful setting with old and new friends ... to experience God in your life and to share God's love with others?

CAMP SESSIONS FOR 1997 Week 1--- Age 7- 9yrs--- Date 6/29 - 7/ 5
Week 2 --- Age 8 - 10 yrs--- Date 7/ 6 - 7/12
Week 3--- Age 9 - 11 yrs--- Date 7/13 - 7/19
Week 4--- Age 10 - 12 yrs--- Date 7/20 - 7/26
Week 5--- Age 11 - 13 yrs--- Date 7/28 - 8/ 2
Week 6--- Age 12 - 14 yrs--- Date 8/ 3 - 8/16

Beaver Cross Conference Center Box 218 - Springfield Center, NY 13468 (607) 547-9489 Beaver-Cross Episcopal Conference Center is located on Route 80 near Springfield Center, New York, slightly more than a mile south of the junctions for Routes 20 and 80. Overlooking picturesque Otsego Lake, its 37 acres provide an ideal setting for an experiment in Christian living.

Beaver-Cross offers swimming, organized sports, arts and crafts, music drama and nature study. A typical day begins with Morning Prayer, followed by breakfast, a program led by diocesan clergy, crafts and games, lunch, swimming and free time. The evening includes dinner, recreation and Compline.

More information and registration forms can be found on the welcome table in the parish hall extension. Financial aid is also available.

HOLY COMMUNION: If you or someone you know is unable to attend church on either a long or short-term basis, call the parish office. Communion will be brought to the home.


The Church School, a vital and growing area of the program at St. Stephen's, will hold final classes on Sunday, June 8.

In addition to learning about faith and the Bible, there is growth in friendships and sharing colorful displays on bulletin boards and "take home" projects and participation with teachers in intergenerational events several times during the year.

A deep thank-you and salute to those who taught:

3-year-oids Nan Blaufuss and Liz Varno
Kindergarten Barbara Adams and Marge Knickerbocker
1st-3rd grades Kim Chapman
4th-6th grades Cynthia Reedy and Dawn Rizzo
Junior High Mousumi Franks
Senior High Suzanne Coonradt and George Woodzell


The rector continues to lead a Bible study after the Thursday morning service of Eucharist and Healing. The study, beginning at 10:45 am, focuses on the lections for the coming Sunday, and everyone is most welcome to join.


The Finance Committee sends a gentle reminder that our financial commitments do not go on any vacations. If you plan to be away, please update your pledge before you leave.

Thank you.


Attention all Committees and Groups Requesting to Use the Parish Hall During the Summer and Beginning in September........ You Will Need to immediately fill out a Building Use Form (found on the Welcome Table), and return it to Janice Robinson as soon as possible so we can get your group on the calendar. Available dates are reserved on a "first come, first served" basis. So, if you have a specific date in mind for your group, get your form in quickly!!

Newcomers to the Nursery

"I love these little people, and it is not a slight thing when they who are so fresh from God, love us." - Dickens

Born May 6
Isabella Rose Varno, daughter of Emalie Varno and granddaughter of Liz and Gregg Varno.

Baptised May 18
Eric Aruna Kilbourn, son of Diane and Scott Kilbourn.

Timothy John Molino, son of Carol and Kent Molino. Justin Conrad Phillips, son of Jeanine and Greg Phillips.



We raise our mortarboards to:

Becka Feyrer
Chad Reedy
Dawn Rizzo
Vaughan Woodzell

The editor of this newsletter is most grateful to Marti Spang and Suzanne Taylor whose quiet, dependable help, nimble fingers and grand companionship have meant coalating the monthly Messenger a happy morning to share. Thank you.


(I know the kids have not left there yet.) BUT... Can you help support our Christmas/Easter families by getting needed supplies for their return to school in September? There will be more information in forthcoming service bulletins; we hope to have the program finished by August 24.

.....................................Pauline Holmes


The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett is a lovely book about an iII tempered and spoiled young girl's transformation into a vibrant and happy child on the brink of adolescence. The girl is Mary and she is sent to live with her uncle after her parents both die. it is at her uncle's place that she discovers the joy of watching things grow. She is joined by the gardener in her appreciation of the great outdoors. Eventually she meets and befriends her sickly cousin, Colin, who was always in bed and he, too, is excited at the prospect of the outdoors and a garden on the grounds. It is Mary who knows of the garden and introduces Dickon (one of the local children) to Colin and both of them to the garden. It is a marvelous look into the beauty of flowers and the like through children's eyes and the fun to be had. The Secret Garden is recommended for all children and even those children who are just old enough to read.

........Sheela Premsagar

A reminder list of overdue books and videos from the church library.

Commentary on the American Prayer Book by Douglas Wood.

Jacob and the Star by Mary Matthews.

Friends With God by Marshall.

Prince Caspian by C. S. Lewis.

The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe by C. S. Lewis.

Everything You Wanted To know About Phobias by N. Olshan.

The Golden Treasury of Poetry by Louis Untermeyer.

The Mission. (video)

Thank you................Pat Borden


On Sunday, May 4, members of all five Schenectady/Scotia Episcopal churches gathered together in their red CROP Walk shirts (designed by Stacey DeBritz) to raise money to fight hunger in our community and abroad. St. Stephen's parishioners did their part - THANK YOU to all those who walked (or ran):

Barbara Adams and Jim Boening
The Brooks-McDonald Family (with Oddy)
Liz Casale
Marty Deschaine and CareyTittemore (with Broadway)
Jesse Dipley
Melissa Ehier
The Emaelaf Family
The Feyrer Family
Vicki Hoshko
Al and Kabby Lowe
The Manor Family
Doreen May
Budd and Carole Mazurek
The Moss Family
Austin Spang
Nick Stewart
The Woodzell Family

And THANK YOU to their SPONSORS! Please turn your money in to the walker(s) you sponsored by Sunday, June 1.

WALKERS: Please turn all forms and money in to Marty Deschaine, Carey Tittemore or Richey Woodzell by June 1. Thank you.


Once again the bulletin board at the Garner entrance will be reserved for bulletins from all over the world! When you worship elsewhere this summer, please save the bulletin (or anything else you think might be of interest) and tack it up on the bulletin board. The rector loves to receive bulletins and newsletters from other churches.

Postcard Summer

In the summer it's easy to loose touch with that feeling of 'family', that congregational closeness that is so important to so many of us. This is an idea to keep the parish in mind all summer long, even if you are not able to be present on Sunday morning.

Send one postcard each week as follows:

Week of June 15th: To a male member in the church, wishing him a happy Father's Day.

Week of June 22th: To someone in the church who has had a positive effect on you during the last year.

Week of June 29th: A red, white and blue postcard to a person of your choosing, inviting them to join you in church on July 4th.

Week of July 6th: To a person who has the same zip code as you in the Directory.

Week of July 13th: To a member of the church who you don't know.

Week of July 20th: To someone in the Directory with the same last name initial.

Week of July 27th: To a female member.

Week of August 3rd: To the church office, lefting them know how your summer has been so far.

Week of August 1Oth: To a good friend of yours.

Week of August 17th: To a child listed in the directory.

Week of August 24th: To the member of the church whose name follows yours in the Directory.

Week of August 31st: To the rector with a story for the Parish Faire.

(He would like to post the cards in the Parish Hall. It would be great to have a summer story from everyone.)


The flowers on the altar during the summer are given to the Glory of God.

June 1 - In memory of Anne L. Dare and William R. Jones by Jed and Marilyn Dare.

June 8 - In memory of Rosa and Malcolm Lander - parents of Frances Lander Spain.

June 15 - The loved ones of Austin and Marti Spang.

June 22 - A thank offering for the marriage of Howard and Margaret Phillips.

June 29 - The loved ones of Mrs. Belle Beck.

July 6 - The loved ones of Sid and Gillian Woodcock.

July 13 - In memory of VVilliam McMahon, Jr. by Howard and Margaret Phillips.

July 20 - In memory of the Reverend Tom and Julia Moss and Douglas Smith by the Dennis Moss family.

July 27 - In memory of Edgar Lukas by his wife Gloria Lukas.

- In memory of John and Joyce Nelson by Keith and Christine Nelson.

August 3 - In memory of Nancy Walters Carter by John and Olive Carter Luczka.

August 10 - In memory of Justin N. Northrop by his wife Pauline Northrop.

August 17 - In memory of Edwin G. McCullough by his wife Betty McCullough.

August 24 - In memory of Frances and Henry Baumis - grandparents of Suzanne Taylor and Carolyn Montorio.

August 31 - In memory of Helen and Charles Bradish - parents of Joan Bradish Waters.


Beginning in the fall, there will be a course of Bible Study, led by Deacon Pat. Would you like to learn more about our scriptures? Think about it over the summer - plan your fall activities - and let me know it you are interested.
Deacon Jones.

Saint Stephen's RUMAGE SALE

June 14,1997

9:00 am - 1:00 pm

($1 bag sale at noon)


Leave goods in the nave extension of the parish hall Wednesday through Friday. Doors will be open until 7:30 pm. Do not leave before Wednesday because other events are using the space.

Early storage is available from now until June 11. To arrange for it call Suzanne Coonradt, 377-1415, or Marilyn Causey, 372-2469.

If you need someone to pick up your donations call Marti Spang, 393-2859, or Marilyn Causey, 372-2469.


- Almost anything except clothes - BUT, INFANT CLOTHING TO SIZE 2T IS ACCEPTABLE.

- Needed: dishes, bikes, tools, games, rollerblades, plants, knicknacks, linens, pots & pans, jewelry, spades, rakes, garden equipment, small appliances, furniture, lamps, skids, cribs, playpens, car seats........

Paper and plastic bags are urgently needed. They can be left anytime in marked boxes under the mail table in the nave extension.


Sign up at the church SHOP or call Marilyn Cause, 372-2469.

- Sorting/pricing - Wednesday, Thursday, Friday day and evening.

- Selling - two shifts (8:00 am - 1 0:00 am and 1 0:00 am - 1:00 pm)

- Moving items to church during the week - your truck or van. - Moving left over to charity - packers, movers, truck or van - at 1:00 pm June 14.