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The Messenger

Saint Stephen's Schenectady
Easter Issue 
April 2010

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Shield Dear Friends in Christ,zzsteelers

We are now entering the last weeks of Lent and I urge you to follow the journey of these two weeks so that Good Friday and Easter may be for us all a deepening of our Christian understanding and commitment as a community.  The Holy Week and Easter service schedule is printed in this newsletter.  Please pull it out and put it on your refrigerator or message board at home.  Why?  Because there is no greater journey than the spiritual journey of Holy Week, for it is the journey which gives meaning to the whole of our lives.  Come to Jerusalem and see again the love of God and our salvation.

I commend to you one of the great prayers in our prayer book, the Collect for Monday in Holy Week, p. 168 (Traditional) and p. 220 (Contemporary).  My experience affirms the profound truth of this prayer.  What is your cross?  What is your way of the cross?  We all have one or more crosses to bear.  And we cannot run away from or around them.  We have to pick them up and carry them responsibly.  And the miracle is - the Easter miracle is! - that we discover that our cross is the way of life and peace, and, I would add, the way of true freedom.  It is through the repeated experience of this miracle that we grow and mature in our life's pilgrimage, with God's help.

May your Lent and Easter this year bring you life and peace and freedom.


Worship During Holy Week
Beginning with the joyful acclamation marking Jesus' entry into Jerusalem, the services of Holy Week reflect the events of the last week of Jesus' earthly life. Worshipers are urged to attend the special liturgies of Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and the Easter Vigil, in order to experience more fully the meaning of the paschal mystery.
Palm Sunday (March 28th) (8:00, 10:15) Branches of palm, honoring the King of kings, are blessed and distributed to the people. At the 10:15 service, an outdoor procession (weather permitting) leads the congregation into the church. This is a festive service, beginning with a parade and concluding with the Eucharist.  There will be no reading of the crucifixion story on this Sunday, saving that for its proper place on Good Friday.  The Adult Study of The Last Week (of Jesus) (5-7pm) will conclude. 
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday (March 29, 30, 31) at 12:00: Holy Eucharist each day.
Seder Supper (March 31st ), 6:00 pm: We observe the Seder as Jesus might have at his last supper with his disciples. Jesus took some of the regular features of the Seder meal and gave them new significance. Jesus' celebration of the meal seemed to say, "Israel's story is now at last reaching its climax"; and Jesus' own story was also reaching its climax. He was the bearer of Israel's destiny. This Last Supper pointed to Jesus' own imminent suffering and death - the end of our exile on Easter.  Tickets for the Passover meal are $6 per person and $18 per family.
 Maundy Thursday (April 1st), 7:30pm: Following our Lord's example of loving service, the liturgy will include a ceremony of foot washing. After the Holy Eucharist, during the reading of a Psalm, the altar and sanctuary will be stripped of all the usual furnishings and the altar will be scrubbed. An all night vigil will be maintained in the church.
Good Friday (April 2nd) 12:00, 2:00, 7:30. The Way (or Stations) of the Cross will be conducted in the traditional manner at noon. At 2:00 an interactive version of the Stations appropriate for children will be conducted. The liturgy for Good Friday will be held at 7:30.
Easter Vigil (April 3rd) 7:30pm. This service is truly the central service of the church year. It moves from darkness to light, from the Old Covenant to the New, from death to life. After beginning in darkness, the New Light of Christ is brought into the church. Scripture readings sketch the history of God's mighty acts. Baptism is celebrated. Then, accompanied by the ringing of bells, the candles are lighted and "Glory be to God" is sung. A joyful Celebration of Holy Eucharist welcomes the season of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.
Note: Worshipers are encouraged to bring bells to ring at the singing of the "Glory to God." It really is a joyful noise unto the Lord!
Easter Day (April 4th) 8:00am & 10:15 am, Our traditional Flowering of the Cross will take place during the processional on Easter Sunday. Children may bring flowers. Flowers will also be available at the back of the church.
                        There will be an Easter Egg Hunt on Easter Sunday at 9:30.
                                         All children under 12 are welcome.
Sign up sheets in the parish hall:
   Help with the Seder Supper
            Foot Washing on Maundy Thursday
            All Night Prayer Vigil
            Readers for Easter Vigil on Saturday night
If you are schedule to serve in any capacity during this season (acolyte, chalice bearer, lector, usher), and cannot serve, please arrange for a substitute and let the office (346-6241) know.
Adult Education on Sunday Mornings: Joseph Campbell and the Power of Myth
This course is based on, arguably, one of the greatest interviews ever recorded, a six-hour encounter between teacher-mythologist Campbell and student-journalist Bill Moyers Recorded in the two years preceding Campbell's death in 1988, it covers a multitude of topics related to Campbell's central themes: Mythology is humanity's universal method of seeking the transcendental, and "follow your bliss" is the timeless formula for spiritual satisfaction. Campbell himself is the embodiment of these themes, an erudite scholar and quintessential storyteller, recalling a wide spectrum of myths from throughout history (Japanese, Native American, Egyptian, Mayan, and many more) to illustrate humankind's eternal quest to grasp the mysteries of creation. Historical artifacts and illustrations bring these timeless stories to life.
Classes are held in the parish hall at 9am.  The rector facilitates the discussions following the viewing of the interviews.



Vestry Votes to Build New Parish Hall & Classrooms
At its March meeting, St. Stephen's Vestry voted to build the new parish hall and authorized John G. Waite Associates to develop construction plans.  The concept for the new parish hall is part of the master plan presented to the congregation throughout 2009. 

The new parish hall will be a one-story L-shaped building. The Garner Avenue entrance will be at the same level as the church with outside stairs leading to street level.  All entrances to the new building will be handicap accessible.  The estimated cost is $2.2 million.  It will be funded by a mortgage based on the Begley/Phillips bequests plus a parish-wide capital funds drive for $300,000.  The decision was made to move ahead now in order to take advantage of the economic conditions and the resulting lower building costs.

In the four year study of the future needs of the parish, the Parish Hall was identified as a primary concern to members of the congregation. The rectory and the existing parish hall were both built in 1957.  An addition to the back of the parish hall was added in 1977. The hall is a concrete block structure, built into a 4 ft. slope in the land.  Numerous problems have been identified through various surveys of the congregation and church groups.  It is the "least liked" of all our facilities.  It looks shabby and does not present a welcoming feeling.  Among other findings, a dedicated meeting area /lounge for adult education was strongly desired. 

The new building is designed on one floor to avoid the water problems.  It will be constructed to modern energy efficient standards.  It is estimated that this will reduce heating costs by 20% - 30%.
                                                         Exterior of the new building

From the Garner Avenue entrance one enters the nave extension which contains two handicap accessible toilets and a coat room.  A new architecturally appropriate divider will be built between the church nave and the extension removing the notorious green curtains. A nursery is the next room off the nave extension and is readily accessible from the courtyard or the church.  To meet the desires of the congregation, an adult education and library room is located looking out over the courtyard.  It is intended that this room be a comfortable room for small meetings as well as Sunday adult education.  The traffic patterns of the new building are such that adult education will not be interrupted by people arriving for service.  To provide additional meeting space,  another medium size meeting room is across the corridor.

In consultation with the Sunday school director, the new building has four classrooms.  It is planned to have storage along the corridors for school supplies.  A separate teen lounge is located in the corner of the building.  Two additional toilets have been included.  The outside entrance from the parking lot to the new building will be handicap accessible and covered to allow protected discharge of passengers.

The wing of the new building houses the parish hall and kitchen.  The parish hall will be about the same size as the current one.  It will also look out onto the courtyard.  Sliding glass doors will make easy access in good weather to the courtyard from both the parish hall and the adult education room.  While the square feet of the new kitchen will be similar to the square feet of the old, the new shape and arrangement will make it much easier to use.  All of the new building will be air-conditioned.  The total square footage is approximately the same as the combined two floors of the existing building.

The estimated cost of $2.2 million assumes a building built for the long term.  It will have a steel frame.  The exterior will be stucco.  It will be energy-efficient with insulated walls 10"-12" thick and triple pane windows.  It should be noted that the $2.2 million will not be spent at once, but rather spread over the next two years.  The Vestry spent considerable time determining how the new building could be funded. 

The Vestry decided to invest the money in a mortgage to keep the corpus of the endowment fund intact.  The remaining endowment fund will be approximately what it was before the Church received the Begley/Phillips bequests.  A capital funds drive will give members and friends of St. Stephen's an opportunity to invest in the new building.  It will provide a more attractive environment which will hopefully attract new people.  To minimize the risk of exceeding the budget, the design and construction costs will be carefully monitored.  If necessary, volunteers will be enlisted to complete some of the areas.

The vestry has taken a leap of faith, but will need the help of everyone by becoming actively involved.  The vestry is looking for an active church - one where the congregation is energized and involved not only within the church, but also reaches out to the community.  While the new building will positively impact the operating budget by saving energy, we also see the congregation becoming more involved in stewardship through pledging their time and talents.  The new building will allow us to have a clean, new, welcoming space both for the members of the congregation as well as the local community.
 Link from here to there.  Click below:
Father James-Ross-McDonald on Facebook
 And a new Email address!


Sunday school update, April 2010
4/2/10, Friday:  Children's Stations of the Cross.  This is tentatively scheduled for 2:00.  Please look for updates by email.
4/4/10, Easter Sunday:
No Sunday school on Easter.  We plan to have an Easter egg hunt for the little ones before the 10:15 service.  We are in need of volunteers to fill eggs and hide them.  The children also "flower the cross" at the beginning of the 10:15 service.  Adults and youth are needed pass out flowers and to assist the children at the cross.  Please let Laura know if you are interested in helping out.

4/11/10 Regular Sunday school
4/18/10 Regular Sunday school
4/25/10 Regular Sunday school

You are always welcomed in Sunday school and we look forward to seeing you.

Sunday school times and places:
Preschool through 4th graders meet from 10:15 until the Offertory.
Fourth, fifth and sixth graders meet from 9:00-10:00am.  This group meets in the tower.
7th - 12th graders meet from 9:00-10:00am.  This group meets in the first preschool room in the basement.
Laura Davis
Home phone:  377-0626

 Please see the bulletin board in the hallway that goes into the parish hall for updates

       Vacation Bible School, Volunteer Opportunities

Vacation Bible school (VBS) is scheduled for June 28th through July 2nd.  We are off to a great start.  We have filled the station leader positions.  Now we are beginning to coordinate the other essential volunteers.  This year Erin Cohen has volunteered to take care of little ones in the nursery during VBS (thank you, Erin).  This service will be for volunteers who have children that are too young to participate in VBS.  Hopefully this will open the door to those with young children and are interested in helping out during VBS.  Below is a list and description of positions we need to fill so that the week will run smoothly for the children.
Snack coordinator:  work at the "Green Tree Games" station during VBS.  This person will choose snacks, help recruit volunteers to bring in snacks and be in charge of providing snacks to the children during the program.
Snack assistant:  purchase snacks for VBS.  You will be reimbursed for the purchases you make.  Getting the snacks would be done prior to the program.
Decorators:  do creative work prior to the week of VBS.  These volunteers will help create a rainforest for VBS.  At VBS, decorations tend to be simple and fun.  This is a great way to help out if you cannot be there during the program.
Guides:  work with small groups of children during VBS.  This position is perfect for youth and adults that like hanging out with kids.  These volunteers take their group of children from station to station during the program.
Please see Laura Davis if you are interested in helping out with VBS.  The first meeting for volunteers will be Tuesday, 4/20/10 at 7:30.  This meeting will take place at Union Presbyterian Church.

 Laura Davis
Vacation Bible School Registration
We will be going on a Rainforest adventure!  Our guides will be taking on us on an amazing journey.  We may see butterflies or toucans or maybe even a monkey.  During the adventure, massages about sharing, giving, growing, loving and praising will be passed along.
This year Vacation Bible School (VBS) is June 28th through July 2nd from 9:15 to noon.  VBS is for children 4 through 10 years old.  The adventure takes place at the famous rainforest of Union Presbyterian Church (a leaky roof can come to some good!).  VBS is a joint effort with Union Presbyterian and St. Stephen's churches.  Please fill out the registration below and give to Laura Davis.
             2010 VBS Registration ~ June 28th - July 2nd
                       at Union Presbyterian Church

Age / Entering grade for 2010-2011:________________________________________
Parents' / Guardians' Names:______________________________________________
Home Phone:_________________________Email:_____________________________
Who will be picking up your child from VBS?___________________________________
Relationship to child / Cell phone:___________________________________________
Child's food and / or other allergies:_________________________________________
Please mark your calendar and plan to join us as we celebrate VBS with a potluck and worship on Friday, July 2nd @ 6:30pm at St. Stephen's Church.


  Youth Lectors 

Thanks to the prompting of Tracy Ormsbee, eight members of our youth will begin serving as lectors in April and May at the 10:15 service. 

Welcome and thanks to: Sam Boese, Olivia and Matthew Canavan, Olivia and Isabelle Jaquith, Molly and Ellen Ormsbee, and Alli Debritz.  The eight o'clock service could use more lectors of any age!

If you are interested in participating in our worship this way, please contact Fr. James, Deacon Pat, or myself: Marilyn Causey.


               Names and Faces: The Directory 

Putting names and faces together: that's what the Parish directory is all about. We'll be updating our directory information in the next couple of weeks. Please check in the nave extension (space behind the green curtain) on either Palm Sunday or Easter day to see if your listing is correct. If it isn't, please make corrections. Then initial your listing so we know you've looked at the names, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, and children's names and birthdays. If you have no listing, we would be glad to add you.
In addition to a published pamphlet, we keep the current information on our web site at First  click
"Members" under the "Information" heading.

You'll need to enter StStMember and ThePlaza1935 as ID and password (no  spaces, caps exactly as shown) to get there. If you check the "Remember my password" box, it will be quicker to get access the next time.

 If you find anything in incorrect or incomplete, please let me know. You'll find some other  things on this member's only page, including a listing of corrections to recently  published directories.

While I'm at it, please feel free to have a new picture taken. If you have a recent one that you'd like to use for our directory, that would be fine. Alternatively,  I would be glad to take a new snapshot after church on Sunday. Fr. James is ready to do this also. No guarantees; if you don't like what we get, we'll throw it away.

Our directory information is for your use, to help you put names and faces together, and to enable you to contact people at St. Stephen's. Suggestions are always welcome.

Chris Jones
You can find me in the online directory!


    VESTRY MEETING UPDATE -March 8, 2010
                                                               By Tracy Ormsbee 

 There were 2 guests at the January 13th Vestry Meeting, in addition to the Vestry.

The Vestry voted to approve giving authorization to John G. Waite Associates to complete the construction drawings and the bidding or negotiation phase for the new parish hall building. The motion included an amendment that calls for a task force to come up with a plan to raise capital campaign funds. The motion carried with two abstentions.

The Vestry also approved the agreement to purchase the First Friends Nursery School. Chancellor Rosemarie Jaquith can now have the papers signed by Nursery School Director Laura Bynum.

The treasurer's report showed overages in cleaning and heating. Treasurer Denise Crates explained that the cleaning has been charged to the wrong account, which will be straightened out, and a new heating contract will show lowered costs there.

Under buildings and grounds, the Vestry discussed recycling of office paper, plans to fix the front door handle and paint or clean graffiti on the back door of the Parish Hall. The door handle was slated to be fixed in early March and the graffiti will be taken care of when nicer weather allows for proper painting. Progress in Reid house includes the sheet rocking of the kitchen.

The Personnel Committee met in February with Laura Davis to discuss the future of the Christian Education Director's position. The committee will hand a short survey out to members of the parish with school-aged children to determine need and time preferences for Sunday School. The job description for the position was also updated. The committee called a separate meeting with the vestry to get a first look at Jim Garrett's report on meetings with parishioners. That report was sent out to the congregation this week.

Fr. James gave the Rector's Report. He sent in the annual Parochial Report, has 10 students in the confirmation class and continues his goal to meet with all the families in the parish.

Senior Warden Carole Merrill-Mazurek discussed the visit she and Jr. Warden Tracy Ormsbee made to Bishop Love in February to let him know what the church is doing to move forward. He was invited to a celebration (March 14) of Fr. James's one year of sobriety and if he couldn't make it he said he would write a letter of support.

Under new business, the Vestry discussed using more color in the Messenger. It's a slight increase in copier expenses, but adds to the professionalism and makes the flier more noticeable.

Dennis Wisnom shared that a new DVD is available from the diocese regarding the Anglican Covenant, which will be brought up at the National Convention. He hoped parishioners would watch it and let their views be known to the representatives attending convention.

That's it for the February meeting.  The next Vestry Meeting is MONDAY, April 12th.



CRTC logo 

 Register online at or by phone at 518-462-2470
Spring Education Opportunities from the Capital Region Theological Center:
*Backpacking Retreat-  with Rev. Kent Busman, Fri- Sun, April 30 to May 2
Participants  reflect upon  their role within creation, as images of God, created to protect and keep God's world.  Cost: $225; Registration Deadline March 19            

*Social Media for Churches:  Web 2.0- with Valerie Venezia, May 15
A live review of current social media resources: What are they?  How can I use them in my ministry? Explore the benefits, dangers and the tough ethical questions inherent in their usage. Cost: $70 by April 15, $80 thereafter; Registration Deadline: April 29, 2010                                                                                       

*"Come Alive and Thrive" conference with Rev. Dr. Tony Campolo
Session 1: sponsors only,  Session 2: May 21. 3 - 5pm, Session 3: May 22, 9am-5pm      
Hear Dr. Campolo's unique perspective on how the church can address issues of the modern world while remaining faithful to core values and beliefs.  Dr. Campolo is known for his provocative lecture style.  Don't miss the opportunity to hear a truly gifted presenter, educator and author. Cost: Session 2:$20,  Session 3: $50.          Registration Deadline: May 5, 2010.  Co-sponsored event, with the Capital Area Baptist Association and FOCUS Churches,CREO and SICM.

*Theology Course: "Faith Seeking Understanding"  with Rev. Dr. Gregg Mast
Mon- Thurs July 12-15, 6-9:30 pm and Sat July17, 9 am-3 pm
  The class will explore biblical themes- suffering and sin, creation and the cross, hope and the end times, the foundation for a faithful life and death- to name just a few.  This is a core course in our Lay Theological Educational Program.   Cost: $225.00; Registration deadline: June 28

 Scholarships are available for all classes;
 please contact CRTC for an application.

Register online or by phone:   518-462-2470


D. More Activities and Dates
       Thanks to Chris Jones for all the photographs of Saint Stephen's folks. 

Our calendar is on line.  Click here:
 Link to the Saint Stephen's Calendar 
 Jump ahead to Anniversaries and Birthdays



Did you ever want to take a trip around the world?  Well now you can as Clark and Millie Gittinger  share  their adventures  and slides with us. 

Please join us at 6pm on Fri. April 9th in the parish hall. Bring a dish to share and your own table service and enjoy an evening of food, fun and fellowship. 

Gillian Woodcock and Marilyn Humphrey


                              Thanks to Richey Woodzell for proof reading.

                  The Shop at St. Stephen's

For   Lent we have  Crown of Thorns, Last Supper Crosses and Plaques . A new feature, the Encore Shop, for gently loved donations, is now open, we have Handbags, Bells and Jewelry. Or  if anyone wants  to try to sell  Consignment articles with the Shop we are open to all suggestions.  And just arrived Easter Bunnies, Cards, Magnets,  and decorated Eggs.  Take a look , Stop and Shop with Dawn and Marilyn.  

Thanks so much, Marilyn Humphrey

                 STAND WITH HAITI through Partners In Health
THANK YOU so much to all those who have contributed money to the "Change for Haiti" jars, and who are supporting the other fundraising projects of the Sunday school for Partners In Health (PIH).  You may check on updates from PIH on the whiteboard near the Haiti display.
On February 28 our 3rd-6th graders assembled 24 quart jars of winter bean soup mix which sold out by the following Sunday, contributing more than $150 to the Haiti fund.
On Palm Sunday (March 28) the children will meet at 9:00 to finish their herb-planting project begun in February, and herbs in hand-decorated pots will be on sale after both services that Sunday.  Look for details in the Palm Sunday bulletin.
We will continue to collect money for Partners In Health's work in Haiti up until Easter.  On April 18 we will have a "change-counting  party" after the 10:15 service, for anyone who would like to help roll pennies.
Thank you again!

Riche Woodzell


SICM LogoThe Schenectady Inner City Ministry

The recent SICM News turned the Volunteer Spotlight on St. Stephen's CHRIS JONES, webmaster extraordinaire!  When Chris is not taking pictures or updating St. Stephen's web site he is busy doing the same for SICM, and it is greatly appreciated.
Now that Spring has returned to Schenectady a new program led by Rev. Van Stuart is about to get started.  Safe Parks and Edible Playgrounds will soon break ground in some of the small parks in the city.  Rev. Stuart and his helpers will invite neighborhood children to join in creating a vegetable garden in part of their playground.  During the summer the children will harvest and take home for dinner the vegetables they have planted and tended.
Reminder:  St. Stephen's week to serve Summer Lunch at Jerry Burrell Park will be June 28 - July 2 this year.  Please save the dates and plan to sign up to help serve lunch one of these days.
Thanks to Amy Button for joining us as a delegate to the SICM assemblies.

Eunice Chouffi and Marti Spang
Schenectady Inner City Ministry, 930 Albany Street, Schenectady, NY 12307-1514
 (518) 374-2683       Email:      Website:

CHURCH WORLD SERVICE began in 1946 as an effort of 17 Christian denominations (including the Episcopal Church) to help rebuild Europe after World War II.  Now CWS programs operate in the US and around the world, for disaster relief, self-help development and refugee resettlement, with a special focus on AIDS in Africa.
During April and May there are two ways you can contribute to Church World Service (CWS):
· Assemble a Church World Service Kit,
         · Participate in the CROP Walk


               · Church World Service Kits
CWS Kits are small packages of supplies assembled by volunteers and shipped to people in need around the world.  CWS provides School Kits, Hygiene Kits, Baby Kits, and Emergency Clean-up Buckets. The contents of each Kit have been selected with care based on years of experience to make them as useful as possible, wherever and whenever they are sent. 
Although St. Stephen's is not organizing a Kits projects this year,  you may still contribute a kit.   You can find directions for assembling each type of kit on the table below the SICM bulletin board in the paris hall extension.  Union Presbyterian Church will again be serving as a collection site for the kits, and if you bring yours in to St. Stephen's by April 18, we will get them to the drop-off site.  The need is great; the warehouse was just emptied last week.

              · CROP Walk for the Hungry

The annual Schenectady CROP Walk will be held on Sunday, May 2nd, beginning at Emmanuel Friedens Church, 218 Nott Terrace, looping through downtown Schenectady and back.  Registration begins at 12:30 PM, with the walk/run starting at 1:30 after a brief ceremony. 
CROP (Communities Responding to Overcome Poverty) is the arm of Church World Service which offers relief to the hungry in the U.S. and abroad.  In addition, 25% of the money we raise returns to Schenectady to support food pantries, the Catholic Charities Senior Meals, and the Community Crisis Network.
CROP Walk registration forms will be available April 18.  Please sign up to walk - individually, as a family, or with friends!  We walk one day each year because others, here and overseas, walk every day for water, food, shelter, or survival as refugees.  The walk itself is a living symbol and witness for those who walk every day.
The walk is 5 kilometers, or  about 3.1 miles.  There will also be a "Golden Mile" for those who would like a shorter path.  Take a registration/sponsorship form to sign up sponsors who pledge money to CROP, and bring your form with you to the walk.    You may also raise funds online at  Each walker will receive a local CROP 2010 T-shirt.
For those of you unable to walk with us, please sponsor one of our walkers.   Check the sign-up list near the sponsorship forms.
If you have questions, please talk to
Richey Woodzell, 372-9398.


ERD Logo 
The ongoing partnership between Episcopal Relief & Development and the Episcopal Diocese of Haiti has been invaluable in facilitating an expedient and effective response to the Haiti quake. 

The response to the Haiti crisis from the Episcopal community has been overwhelming.  Dioceses, parishes and individuals from around the country and the world have shown their support for Haitians with an unprecedented outpouring of generosity.  Episcopal Relief & Development would like to thank everyone who has lent a hand in helping Haitians during a time of emergency.

To assist those suffering in the wake of the earthquake in Haiti, make a donation to the Haiti Earthquake Response Fund at or call 1-800-334-7626, ext. 5129. Gifts can be mailed to Episcopal Relief & Development, PO Box 7058, Merrifield, VA 22116-7058.  Please write "Haiti Earthquake Response Fund" in the memo line of all checks.

Episcopal Relief & Development is the international relief and development agency of the Episcopal Church of the United States and an independent 501(c)(3) organization.  The agency takes its mandate from Jesus' words found in Matthew 25. Its programs work towards achieving the Millennium Development Goals. Together with the worldwide Church and ecumenical partners, Episcopal Relief & Development strengthens communities today to meet tomorrow's challenges. We rebuild after disasters and empower people by offering lasting solutions that fight poverty, hunger and disease, including HIV/AIDS and malaria.

Contact: Tyla Fowler     (800) 334-7626, ext. 6311

To donate: 

Episcopal Relief & Development
P.O. Box 7058
Merrifield, VA 22116-7058


                Saint Stephen's Episcopal Church
                                 April 2010












Service 7:30pm
9:00 Morning Prayer
10:00 Eucharist
& Healing
10:45 Bible Study

Stations 12noon
Stations (Kids') 2:00
Liturgy 7:30

9:00 Morning Prayer


9:00 Morning Prayer

Vigil 7:30


8:00 Eucharist
9:00 Education Hour
9:30 Egg Hunt
10:15 Eucharist

5:00 Lenten Study


9:00 Morning Prayer

7:30 Vestry Meeting


9:00 Morning Prayer


9:00 Morning Prayer
7:00 SICM Assembly
7:30 Kerygma Bible study class


9:00 Morning Prayer
10:00 Eucharist
& Healing

10:45 Bible Study
7:30 Choir Rehearsal


9:00 Morning Prayer
 AGAPE 6pm


9:00 Morning Prayer


8:00 Eucharist
9:00 Education Hour
10:15 Eucharist
Nursery Care
Noon: Inquirer's Class
5:00 Lenten Study.


9:00 Morning Prayer
7:30 Parish Council


9:00 Morning Prayer


9:00 Morning Prayer

7:30 Kerygma Bible study class


9:00 Morning Prayer
10:00 Eucharist
& Healing

10:45 Bible Study
7:30 Parish Council
7:30 Choir Rehearsal 


9:00 Morning Prayer


9:00 Morning Prayer

9:30 DOK Meeting


8:00 Eucharist

9:00 Education Hour
10:15 Eucharist
Nursery Care
Noon: Inquirer's Class

5:00 Lenten Study


9:00 Morning Prayer


9:00 Morning Prayer

VBS Volunteers Union Pres 7:30


9:00 Morning Prayer

7:30 Kerygma Bible study class

The Annunciation
to Virgin Mary

9:00 Morning Prayer

10:00 Eucharist & Healing
10:45 Bible Study

7:30 Choir Rehearsal


9:00 Morning Prayer


9:00 Morning Prayer


8:00 Eucharist
9:00 Education Hour
10:15 Eucharist
Nursery Care
Noon: Inquirer's Class


9:00 Morning Prayer


9:00 Morning Prayer


9:00 Morning Prayer
7:30 Kerygma Bible study class 



Arbor Day




Wedding Anniversaries and Birthdays


Dennis Wisnom         4/1
June Russell             4/3
Todd Templeton        4/3
Alik Versocki             4/4
Mary Frances Hatfield 4/5
Jack Feyrer              4/5
Sarah Huneau           4/6
Dean Gouldthorpe      4/7
Gerald Perregaux       4/9
Lucy Clark               4/10
Bailey Mertz             4/12
Stephen Ras            4/12
Kathy Miller             4/15
Dave Crates            4/16
Aralyn Riordan         4/16
James Soulé            4/17
Liz Varno                4/20
Abigail Cohen           4/21
Saphirah Mykoo        4/21
Dennis Holcombe       4/22
Cindy Marshall          4/23
Pamela Guthrie         4/24
Veronica Cohen        4/25
Delaney Huneau        4/27
Denis Manor             4/28
Zoe White               4/28

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St. Stephen's Episcopal Church
1935 The Plaza
Schenectady, New York   12309

 Church Staff 
The Rev. Dr. James R. McDonald, Rector
The Rev. Patricia L. Jones, Deacon
Dr. Timothy Olsen, Director of Music
The Vestry
Sr Warden, Carole Merrill-Mazurek
Jr Warden, Tracy Ormsbee
Class of 2010:
Sid Woodcock
Susan Feyrer, 393-4137
Peter Nelson, 377-7015
Class of 2011:
Austin Spang
Tracy Schierenbeck
Linda Emalaef
Class of 2012:
Deborah O'Connor
 Millie Gittinger
Matt Canavan
Serving without Vote:
Clerk: Elizabeth Levine
Treasurer: Denise Crates
 Chancellor: Rosemarie Jaquith
The Church Office
Our office is located at 1229 Baker Avenue.
The telephone number is (518) 346-6241
The office fax number is (518) 346-6242
If we are unable to answer your call, please leave a message.
We will call you back as soon as possible.
Our email is:
The Rector's email is:
Our website is 
The Messenger is published September - June.
Please submit articles to Larry Levine, 377-9657,