Epiphany Issue 

Epiphany Issue 

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Shield Dear Friends,
        Since we are still in the season of Christmas, let me wish that you are having a merry and holy season.

Also, let me say 'thank you' for the wonderful celebration of my twentieth anniversary as rector of this church last fall.  What an honor it has been and continues to be.

            Twenty years ago I wrote to the congregation that it was my goal to visit every family in the congregation and it is appropriate for me again to set this goal for 2010.  As your spiritual leader it is so important that I get a chance to talk with you in the setting of your home.  For many, I did this when you first came to Saint Stephen's, but that may have been a long time ago. 

            So in the next few weeks expect a call from me offering such a visit. Please know that I understand not everyone wishes to be visited; that is fine with me.  Others would rather that I visit them at their place of employment, or for lunch.  I am happy to meet with you in anyway you are most comfortable, or even not at all. 

           A great benefit of a parish the size of Saint Stephen's is that I have the opportunity, intimately, to know our members.  One of my greatest blessings is to look out over the congregation on a Sunday morning and to know what is going on in the lives of most of the families present.  That relationship is so important in an often uncaring world.  My intention in 2010 is to strengthen our bonds further.

          Thank you for the opportunity.




The Epiphany Of Our Lord

The name "Epiphany" is derived from a Greek word meaning "manifestation" or "appearing." It is also called "The Manifestation of Christ to the Gentiles."  This phrase is a reference to the story of the Wise Men from the East.
A Christian observance on January 6 is found as early as the end of the second century in Egypt.  The feast combined commemorations of the visit of the Magi, led by the star of Bethlehem; the Baptism of Jesus in the waters of the River Jordan; and Jesus' first recorded miracle, the changing of water into wine at the marriage of Cana of Galilee - - all thought of as manifestations of the incarnate Lord.
The Epiphany is still the primary Feast of the Incarnation in Eastern Churches, and the threefold emphasis is still prominent.  In the West, however, including the Episcopal Church, the story of the Wise Men has tended to overshadow the other two events.  Modern lectionary reform, reflected in the Book of Common Prayer, has recovered the primitive trilogy, by setting the event of the Baptism as the theme of the First Sunday after January 6th.
Our celebration of Epiphany at St. Stephen's will take place on Sunday, January 10th at 8:00 am and 10:15 a.m. with Eucharist and renewal of our Baptismal vows.
                   Household Blessing for Epiphany

A custom from Eastern Europe that is presently being recovered in North America is the practice of blessing homes on Epiphany.  Members of the household go from room to room expressing thanks to God for each room and asking God to bless the room and its intended use.  Some small symbol of the blessing may be carried to leave in each room: a candle, a cross, "gifts" of the Magi.

The procession ends outside the front door where the door's lintel is marked in chalk with the year and the initials C.M.B - each separated by a cross -  recalling the traditional names of the Magi: Casper, Melchior and Balthasar.  The members of the household are then invited to add their own initials.  Also at this time it is appropriate to pledge volunteer time or other gifts for Bethesda House or some local homeless shelter as signs of our thankfulness to God.  The ritual ends with a celebration of the Eucharist.

Talk to the rector if you would like to have your home blessed 

                              Home Communion

If you or someone you know is unable to attend church on either a long or short term basis, please call the parish office if you would like to have communion brought to you

                                                   Inquirers' classes
Inquirers' classes are intended to give prospective members an overview of how Episcopalians fit into the complex of protestant and catholic churches.  Discussion topics include the world-wide Anglican Church, the National Episcopal Church, our own Diocese of Albany, our own parish of St. Stephen's and the relationship among all four.  Discussion are candid and open.
This course is required of all adults who wish to be confirmed or received into the church, but is open to all members of the Parish Family.  Confirmation will take place at the Cathedral of All Saints' next fall.
All classes take place in the rector's study (next to the church) from January 31th through February 21st from noon - 1pm.  If you are interested, please call the office at 346-6241.

What Is The 'Vestry'?

The vestry is a group of eleven lay representatives from the parish who are charged with the temporal affairs of the congregation.  They meet monthly with the rector presiding.  The vestry spends considerable time on income and expenses and on writing the annual budget.  They set the salary scales and are responsible for raising the money to meet expenses.  Three representatives are elected at the annual parish meeting for a term of three years.  In addition, a Warden (vestry officer) is elected for a term of two years.

Sunday Morning Adult Education: The Question of God

The Question of God, is a course that deals with issues that preoccupy most thinking people today: What is happiness? How do we find meaning and purpose in our lives? How do we reconcile conflicting claims of love and sexuality? How do we cope with the problem of suffering and the inevitability of death? Based on a popular Harvard course taught by Dr. Armand Nicholi, author of The Question of God, the course illustrates the lives and insights of Sigmund Freud, a life-long critic of religious belief, and C.S. Lewis, a celebrated Oxford don, literary critic, and perhaps this century's most influential and popular proponent of faith based on reason.

The course will take place on Sunday mornings from 9am to 10am in the parish hall.  The rector will lead the discussions.

         Annual Meeting Called for January 17th
Each year on the third Sunday in January, our congregation holds its Annual Meeting.  The purposes of the meeting are to elect representatives to the vestry, to review finances of the parish for the past year and to examine the budget of the current year, to hear brief reports from parish leaders and the clergy, and to discuss other issues which affect the congregation.


                         2010 March & Program
               DR. MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR.
                                              SUNDAY, JANUARY 17th
Sponsored by The Martin Luther King, Jr. Coalition of the Schenectady County Human Rights Commission

         THANK YOU.....
                   THANK YOU.....
 ....to all who read the lessons at the Advent Lessons & Carols; and to Chris Jones and Liz Levine  who accompanied the children in their music and Dawn Tonneau who played the piano for the childrens' Nativity tableau.
...To the Alter Guild and to brass polishers par excellence who polished all the brass in the church, and made Christmas beautiful
....to all who took time on a busy Sunday to help 'green' the church
...To Tim Olsen and the Choir members who helped to make Advent and Christmas beautiful
...To the lectors, chalice bearers and acolytes who made our worship possible
...To all those who helped in the toddler and nursery rooms
...To the ushers and to the offering counters
...To our volunteer administrative assistant,
Denis Wisnom, who worked so hard to prepare bulletins and make other arrangements
...To Donna, our sexton who made the church shine
....to all of you who do quiet things in quiet ways and help this parish to work.

Many people have the idea that the only time they should call their priest or deacon is when someone is critically ill or when there is a death in the family, and some don't even do that.  Here are ten occasions when you should have no hesitation in picking up the phone to call James or Pat:
1.  Before going to the hospital. It makes no difference whether you are going to the hospital for major surgery or for a routine checkup - call before you go.
2.  When alcohol or drugs become a problem for you or for someone you love. The alcoholic or drug dependent person is not a hopeless sinner - he or she is a person with a disease who needs treatment.  There are no easy answers to chemical dependency, but the clergy can help you to understand these problems or to assist families and individuals in locating help.
3.  Before you engage a lawyer. This does not mean before you get an attorney for any purpose, but before engaging one when a husband and wife are considering separation.  If you take the Christian view of marriage seriously, you will wish to talk through your situation with clergy or other pastoral counselor before matters proceed to the point of seeking legal counsel.
4.  When a baby is born. When a new member of our family is born, James or Pat would like to call while the mother is still in the hospital.  This is a good opportunity to rejoice with the family and to ask God's blessing upon the child.
5.  When you would like to talk or pray about a difficult decision. The big decisions in life are so important that they should be "talked out and prayed through".  Your work, perhaps getting married, a change in jobs - are all included.
6.  When you know someone in need of spiritual help. It is part of our Christian responsibility to be alert to the needs of others.  If you know of someone who needs help, do not hesitate to call.  
7.  When there is a death in the family. No matter what the hour of day or night the clergy should be called at once.  Their task is to bring you to strong consolation offered by our Christian faith and to counsel with you concerning arrangements for the funeral.
8.  When you are spiritually depressed. Remember, help is available!  The finest Christians have all gone through their dark night of the soul.  Don't try to fight it through alone.  If God seems far off and religion has lost its reality, you are not the first person to feel that way.  Don't struggle with spiritual depression by yourself.
9.  Before anyone enters the armed forces or leaves for college.  Not only will the clergy want to know their address away from home, but would like to opportunity to make a personal visit to assure them of the concern of their home parish while they are away.
10. When you want to share a thanksgiving. When a parishioner wants to share a thanksgiving for all God's gracious gifts, the clergy will be delighted to share this with you.
Parish office - 346-6241
Fr.  James - 370-3573
Deacon Pat - 372-5836


2009 thank you's! 

To Allison de Kanel and Peter Nelson who have faithfully taught the intermediate group from 9:00 to 10:00 each Sunday.  They are planning on teaching the rest of the program year, 4th-6th graders are welcomed to join them in the tower.
To George Woodzell and Gloria Kavanah, our leaders in many amazing discussions for youth in 7th-12th grade.  They are in the first preschool room each Sunday from 9:00-10:00.  Please join them.
To Dawn Tonneau, Dave Crates, Melinda Renken and Ryan Davis who helped create the Kids' Chapel in the beginning of our program year.
To Diane Reed and Pam Guthrie who helped the children learn all about the Saints.
To Dawn Tonneau and Allison de Kanel who led the children in the waiting and preparing of Advent.


Second - 2010 schedule:

Christian education for children and youth resumes after Christmas on January 10th. 
This is a special Epiphany day!  Children prek through 6th grade are invited to an Epiphany party on 1/10.  We will meet in the community room in the basement at 9:00am on the 10th.  We'll read a story, have a gift exchange, and eat some Epiphany cakes.  The lucky winners will process as the Kings with an offering to begin the 10:15 service.  If you are coming, please bring a wrapped gift (under $5 in value) and a can of food to donate to the SICM food pantry.
1/10/10:  Epiphany Party for prek-6th grade at 9:00.  No Kids' Chapel today.
1/17/10:  Regular Christian education resumes: 
                        4th-6th grade meet in the tower from 9:00-10:00
                        7th-12th grade meet in the basement from 9:00-10:00
                 Kids' Chapel for pre-k through 4th grade begins at 10:15 and ends at the
                        Offertory.  We meet in the Parish Hall.  Unit 3 will focus on stories
                        involving animals in the Bible.

Third - As always, volunteers are needed:

Please consider helping with Kids' Chapel in 2010.  We have five more 4 week units in the program year.  Two adult or high school leaders are needed for each unit.  We have wonderful, above average kids that participate each week.  You may just learn something from them!
Substitutes are needed to the 4th-6th grade group and the 7th-12th grade group.  If our regular leaders cannot make it on a Sunday, it would be nice to continue with the class.  We cannot do this unless we have two teachers for each group. 
Substitutes are needed for the Nursery.  Presently, I have a list of one person who may be able to substitute in the nursery if Britta cannot make it.  It would be great to have a few more so that we can keep the nursery open each Sunday.
Please ask if you have any questions.

Thank you.
 Laura Davis:  346-6241

                 Youth Group Schedule

Sunday, 1/10/10:  YOUTH GROUP MEETING. We'll meet at Union Pres. from 5:00-7:00.  The youth have dinner together (provided by a volunteer) and then divide into groups for an activity.  
Sunday, 1/17/10:  No meeting this weekend.  Could a high school lockin be in our future?   
Sunday, 1/24/10:  YOUTH GROUP MEETING. We'll meet at Union Pres. from 5:00-7:00.  The youth have dinner together (provided by a volunteer) and then divide into groups for an activity.  
Sunday, 1/31/10:  MOVIE NIGHT!!  Time to be announced.  Let's get together for a movie on the big scene at Union Pres.  Stay tuned to the bulletin board by the Parish Hall for updates.        

Please see the bulletin board in the hallway that goes into the parish hall for updates


 *** New Parish Hall ***
                               Special Vestry Meeting
                                   January 4, 2010

The The plans for the new Parish Hall will be reviewed on January 4, 2010 at 7:30pm.  Reviews are made prior to the development of construction drawings.   All members of the congregation are invited to attend. An abbreviated presentation will be held on Sunday January 10th after the 10:15 service.

A discussion time will be allotted at the Annual Meeting on Jan 17th concerning these proposed building plans.  

A vote on the plan will take place at the following vestry meeting, Monday, February 8th.  We need informed congregational input!



Our architects, John G. Wait Associates, have completed the design for the new parish hall. The Parish Meeting to discuss the project will be on January 4th at 7:30.  Please come.

                             THE DEACON'S BENCH
If you take a look at the Prayer Request sheets on the Ushers' Table at the back of the church you will notice a new area of concern: men  and women in the military. Please feel free to add your own loved 
ones' names, and we will pray for them daily at Morning Prayer.

Have you noticed how clean and tidy the church has been in recent  weeks? We have a very willing and able worker, Donna White, who comes  in once a week and cleans and polishes everything in sight. She could  do an even better job, she says, if we had a vacuum cleaner that  worked well, and a buffer to keep the floors polished. (So if you  happen to have such an item available, or want to chip in to purchase 
one, please speak to me.) And at the risk of sounding like a flight  attendant at the end of a trip: "Please look around the area where you  and your children are sitting, and gather up all your possessions 
before you leave.

Thank you for your cooperation! Have a great day!"

Deacon Pat


What a beautiful assortment of Christmas cards you provided this year:  stars and Santas, shepherds and snow scenes... and stamps! And thanks  to all the helping hands on two successive Sundays, we got them all  stamped and bundled for delivery on December 20th. We took nearly 1000  cards to the ~280 inmates at the jail, and as always they were very  appreciative.

We received generous contributions from St. George's and  Trinity Presbyterian churches as well: our little project is  expanding.

Thanks to all of you who participated in this annual  project. I only wish you all could help deliver the cards, and see and  hear how much your kindness is appreciated.

       Deacon Pat

.VESTRY MEETING UPDATE - December 14, 2009
Financial Reports
Denise Crates presented the financial reports for November, 2009. Sid moved to give the Thanksgiving plate offerings to SICM.  The motion was seconded and carried.
Most Income and expenses, including pledges, continue to be in line with budgeted projections.  As has been mentioned in past updates, specific items such as utilities and office expenses have exceeded what was budgeted.  Expenses continue to be closely monitored.  The snow removal contract was approved. The Treasurer's report does not include the Endowment Fund.
Members of the congregation are encouraged to direct any questions regarding our financial situation to either of the Wardens or any Vestry member.
                      COMMITTEE and TASK FORCE REPORTS
The audit has been completed.  Fr. James has asked Bill Frank to share a copy of the actual audit with the Finance Committee prior to being reviewed by the Vestry.
Fr. James reported that 82 pledges have been received for a total of approximately $130,00.  The proposed 2010 budget is approximately $180,000.  Pledge cards are still available in the back of the Church.  Ask one of the Ushers.
Fr. James will contact Bill Frank about scheduling a Finance Committee meeting.  The Vestry will be voting on the 2010 budget at their January meeting.  It will be presented to the congregation for their review at the Annual Meeting.
The Interim Chair, Jack Feyrer, does not wish to Chair this committee.  There will be a search for a new Chair.  A Treasurer is also needed.
Reid House
Renovation work continues.  The outside ramp was completed just before the first snow fall.  Work is now continuing on the inside.  We have passed each of the inspections by the city.  The final inspection won't occur until March and that will be an inspection for occupancy. 
Volunteers typically meet on Saturday mornings and Tuesday afternoons.  Just show up, or contact Austin Spang directly.
The Vestry thanks Austin for his hard work on this project, not only in terms of the "sweat equity" but for his direction.
Building Project
The Building Committee continues to meet regularly with the architects. 
The Vestry will hold a Special Meeting on January 4th to hear the latest proposal from the architects.
The Vestry commits to keeping the congregation informed as both of these projects progress.
Barbara Wisnom reported the following nominees for Vestry positions for 2010:
        Carole Merrill-Mazurek - Senior Warden
        Tracy Ormsbee - Junior Warden (will serve one year)
Three year terms:
        Greg Varno
        Matt Canavan
        Millie Gittinger
Two year term (filling Carole Merrill-Mazurek's position)
        Linda Emaelaf
Diocesan Convention delegates
        Dennis Wisnom
        Allison deKanel
        Peter Nelson
        Sid Woodcock (alternate)
The Vestry thanked the Nominations Committee for their work.
Tracy Ormsbee presented a proposal from James Garrett.  Mr. Garret is an LSCW (licensed clinical social worker) with expertise in addictions and working with congregational systems.  At the request of the Personnel Committee, he is proposing to work with the Vestry and congregation for approximately 4-6 months.  The proposal was accepted by the Vestry with 7 affirmative and 3 negative votes.  Tracy will contact Mr. Garret and ask him to be present at the January Vestry meeting.  If anyone has questions about this, please see a member of the Personnel Committee (Tracy Ormsbee, Carole Merrill-Mazurek, Barbara Wisnom, Rocky Bonsal) or Fr. James.
Austin Spang proposed that St. Stephen's purchase the First Friends Nursery School for $12,000, and that an ad hoc group be formed to work out the specifics of how the church will work with the Nursery.  After the last Vestry meeting, questions were sent to Austin, and he met w/Laura Bynon at the Nursery school to respond to the questions.
Attorney, Rosemarie Jaquith, the Chancellor for St. Stephen's, was present at the meeting and urged the Vestry to use caution. She strongly advised that the Vestry develop a written contract covering all of the details of the sale and operation.
The motion to purchase the Nursery was voted down.  Austin offered to work with Laura Bynon to develop a detailed contract and come back to the Vestry at the January meeting.
Barbara Wisnom's distributed a copy of an email message sent to her and to Rocky Bonsal, outlining Grant Jaquith's concerns about leadership at St. Stephen's.
That's it for the December meeting.  "See" you next month.
All are welcome at Vestry meetings (except when the Vestry goes into Executive session).  Vestry meetings are always the 2nd Monday of each month at 7:30pm.
Contact Barbara Wisnom for questions, feedback or suggestions

                           Reid House Rehabilitation
                            Volunteers Needed

zzsteelersProgress continues on Reid House rehabilitation  The handicap ramp has been completed except for the railings which probably will have to wait until spring.  Insulation has been completed and passed city inspection.  The new back door has been installed and the lock set obtained.  We're now focused on installing sheetrock on the walls.   

We're taking a break for the holidays but will resume January 2 at 9:00a.  Please join us.
Austin Spang


  Bethesda House DINNER
                           Saturday, January 31 - 2 PM Set-up 

St. Stephen's and St. George's will put on a  "Knock Your Socks Off Pot Luck Dinner" for the guests at Bethesda  House.

For those who may not know, Bethesda House provides hospitality  for the poor and homeless people of Schenectady. They offer a hot  meal, free clothing, laundry facilities, phone and mail service,  counseling--and unconditional love. Bethesda House will soon move into  their new home on State Street; we aren't sure if we will provide the  last Sunday dinner at the old location or the first at the new one.

Each parish will provide 6 servers, and food for 40 people: main  course, salad and dessert. Juice or soda may also be provided, and  Bethesda House will provide coffee. Dinner will be served at 3  o"clock, and we would need to arrive at 2 o'clock to set up.
A sign-up  sheet is on the counter at the Shop. This will be a great portunity  to combine service and fellowship, and to work together with members  of another parish. And wouldn't it be fun to bring an offering of  socks (those cold streets mean cold feet!) to the "Knock Your Socks  Off Dinner"? Lots of socks, all colors of socks, big or little (but  mostly big) socks, foxy socks, jocks' socks, a big box of socks...look  for the box in the Nave Extension.

Thank you. 

Deacon Pat


We enjoyed a wonderful December meeting, with almost 30 people attending for a pot-luck supper and a great presentation by Father David Plank and Father Richard Leskovar; both priests are associated with the Albany Seaman's Mission, a service organization dedicated to bringing a little comfort to the lives of foreign sailors visiting the Port of Albany. We had an in-gathering of items for the sailors, with a wonderful array of clothing items and other gifts being given.

The next Agape meeting will be on Friday, January 8th at 6 pm in the Parish Room.
The program has not been decided yet.

Anyone and everyone is welcome to this, the largest social gathering at Saint Stephen's. There is no child care, but children are very welcome.

Please bring
A potluck dish
Own plate and utensils

Any questions, please call Pauline Holmes at 384-0904

Also AGAPE Volunteers needed. If interested,  please contact Albany Maritime Ministry, 1245 Church St. Albany, NY.  phone 426  9153.   Thanks, Marilyn


            SICM News

As the new year begins we want to thank you for your generosity during 2009!   Those who helped during the summer lunch program know how much the children appreciate our presence at Jerry Burrell.  Do you think we could get enough help to cover two weeks this summer?  And all of you who regularly bring in donations for our basket for the food pantry, you help serve a growing need.  The number of people qualified keeps growing, and now that the pantry is open four days a week it's harder than ever to stock the shelves.  Thank you again for all you have contributed to SICM.


                  Counters' Schedule                              
                        January - June 2010                     
Date      Group         Date      Group
      3    C                     April                            4
10    D           Easter Sunday     To Be Determined 
17    E                 11    B    
24    A                 18    C    
31    B                 25    D    
          7        C                 May    2        E       
14    D                 9     A    
21    E                 16    B    
28    A                 23    C    
30    D    
March7      B                            
14    C           June  6     E
21    D                 13    A
28    E                 20    B
27    C

Group A                 Group B           Group C    
Doreen May              Millie Gittinger        judy Versocki    
Ralph May               Don Molino        Diana Belardo    
Joan Halstead                 Sondra Grady            Bob Voelker

Group D                 Group E           Substitute 
Marilyn Causey                Pauline Northrop        Marti Spang
Denise Crates                 Louise Peake                 
Austin Spang                  Deborah O'Connor             

If you cannot count on your scheduled Sunday, please find your own substitute.

ERD Logo          Episcopal Relief and Prayer
                  Living our faith

     to bring help to those in need.

Prayer is one of the most important ways you can support Episcopal Relief & Development and in turn, the people we serve.

Prayer for people in need is an essential part of Christian faith. It brings us into communion with God, where our hearts can be tuned to the needs of others - especially those who are suffering.

If you're led to pray for Episcopal Relief & Development and those we serve, simply review our country pages to learn about our efforts in specific places.

You can also remember in prayer the following groups of people and the struggles they face:
Children whose health and survival are uncertain
People who are hungry or facing starvation
Those living in war zones or places where disasters have struck
People suffering from HIV/AIDS, malaria and other preventable diseases
Women who face discrimination, abuse and lack of maternal health care
The worldwide Church, especially those dioceses and churches in places of great need
Episcopal Relief & Development's partners who struggle to help people and communities with limited
     resources and in challenging circumstances
Episcopal Relief & Development's staff and partner agency staff who travel frequently to remote places
For all who are concerned about people in need and vulnerable children, that we would be generous
     with our treasure.

To make a donation to Episcopal Relief & Development, choose from the following funds. 

The Area of Greatest Need Fund allows Episcopal Relief & Development to respond to those most in need of our help.

The Malaria/NetsforLife® Fund helps to combat malaria, a preventable disease that kills one million people each year, primarily children in sub-Saharan Africa.

Contributions to our Disaster Fund provide critical assistance such as food, water, medicine, shelter and other necessities after disasters.

Love's Harvest, Episcopal Relief & Development's partnership with the Anglican Church of Malawi, helps people from rural areas living in poverty

Gifts to the Hurricane Relief fund will support communities in Latin America and the Caribbean affected by hurricanes

Your support of the ERD Clean Water Fund helps provide communities with safe water and sanitation systems to meet basic needs.

The Hunger Fund alleviates hunger by ensuring that food is available, affordable and accessible
The Health Fund assists communities around the world by promoting good health and fighting disease

Support for the Economic Opportunities fund helps create opportunities for individuals and families to increase their income and support themselves.

Your donation to the Women's Development Fund supports long-term strategies that help families and communities break out of poverty. 

The Millennium Development Goal Inspiration Fund supports a partnership between Episcopal Relief & Development, Jubilee Ministries and Executive Council 


                    Saint Stephen's Episcopal Church
                                    January 2010













9:00 Morning Prayer

New Years Day

9:00 Morning Prayer

9:00 Reid House

8:00 Eucharist
9:00 Education Hour
10:15 Choral Eucharist

5:00 youth Group Meet at Union Pres
7:00 Eucharist

9:00 Morning Prayer

7:30 Special Building Vestry Meeting for Everyone

9:00 Morning Prayer
1:00 Reid House 


9:00 Morning Prayer


9:00 Morning Prayer
& Healing
10:45 Bible Study
7:30 Choir Rehearsal


9:00 Morning Prayer
6:00 AGAPE

9:00 Morning Prayer

9:00 Reid House

Epiphany Sunday

8:00 Eucharist
9:00 PreK-6th Kids' Epiphany Party

9:00 Education Hour
10:15 Choral Eucharist
Nursery Care
After Service Architectural Meeting for Congregation
12:00: Inquirer's Class
5:00 Youth Grpt Union Pres..


9:00 Morning Prayer
7:30 Vestry Meeting


9:00 Morning Prayer

1:00 Reid House


9:00 Morning Prayer



9:00 Morning Prayer
10:00 Eucharist
& Healing

7:30 Choir Rehearsal 


9:00 Morning Prayer


9:00 Morning Prayer

9:00 Reid House

8:00 Eucharist
9:00 Education Hour
10:15 Eucharist
Nursery Care

2:00 March at Veterans Park re Mtn. L King Jr
7:00 Annual Meeting


9:00 Morning Prayer

Mt.L.King Jr.Day


9:00 Morning Prayer

1:00 Reid House


9:00 Morning Prayer

9:00 Morning Prayer

10:00Eucharist & Healing
7:30 Choir Rehearsal 


9:00 Morning Prayer


9:00 Morning Prayer

9:00 Reid House 


8:00 Eucharist
9:00 Education Hour
10:15 Eucharist
Nursery Care 
5:00 Youth Group at Union Pres


9:00 Morning Prayer


9:00 Morning Prayer

1:00 Reid House


9:00 Morning Prayer


9:00 Morning Prayer
10:00Eucharist & Healing
7:30 Choir Rehearsal 


9:00 Morning Prayer

9:00 Morning Prayer

9:00 Reid House 

8:00 Eucharist
9:00 Education Hour
10:15 Eucharist
12:00 Inquirer's Class

Nursery Care 
2:00 Bethesda House Dinner








Wedding Anniversaries and Birthdays


    Jacob Price                              1/2
    Sam Boese                               1/5
    Robert Bailey                            1/7MickeyM
    Audrey DeBritz                          1/7
    Emma Koch                               1/7
    Barbara Dobbins Stratton             1/7
    Luke DeBritz                              1/8
    Laura Manor                              1/8
    Chelsea Trant                            1/8
    David Taylor                              1/9
    Kayla Gibbs                               1/11       
    Laura Pratico                             1/12
    Susan Goldthwaite                      1/13
    Pearl Burton                               1/17
    Lisa Ghenoiu                               1/17
    Andrei Crates                              1/18
    Marshall Cohen                            1/22
    Megan Norris-Dominguez                1/22
    Debbie Trawick                            1/23TablePlace
    Brett Howe                                 1/24
    Scott Kilbourn                             1/26
    Carolyn Morin                              1/27
    Adam Boese                                1/29


    Michael Bishop & Pauline Holmes        1/6
    John & Susan Goldthwaite                1/25
    Harvey & Mary Alexander                1/31
    Bruce & Jane Tatge                        1/31 

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Church Staff 
The Rev. Dr. James R. McDonald, Rector
The Rev. Patricia L. Jones, Deacon
Dr. Timothy Olsen, Director of Music
The Vestry
Sr Warden, Rocky Bonsal
Jr Warden, Barbara Wisnom
Class of 2009:
Melinda Renkin
Tracy Ormsbee
Glenn Kaler
Class of 2010:
Sid Woodcock
Susan Feyrer
Peter Nelson
Class of 2011:
Austin Spang
Tracy Schierinbeck
Carole Merrill-Mazurek
Serving without Vote:
Clerk: Elizabeth Levine
Treasurer: Denise Crates
 Chancellor: Rosemarie Jaquith
The Church Office
Our office is located at 1229 Baker Avenue.
The telephone number is (518) 346-6241
The office fax number is (518) 346-6242
If we are unable to answer your call, please leave a message.
We will call you back as soon as possible.