Back To School Issue 
September 2009

Dear Friends,
Though many of us have been away on vacation, parish leaders have been hard at work this summer.  During the summer I have examined the year just past, evaluating what was done and left undone, what was worth doing once and what ought to be done again.  You will hear about the exciting plans for the coming year in each month's issue of "The Messenger", so in this limited space let me simply thank the parish leaders who have worked so hard in dreaming about what Saint Stephen's could be in the years to come, and planning for what Saint Stephen's will be in the coming program year.

As we approach the fall, there are several things on my mind.  First and foremost is the proposed building, the construction plans for which are being drawn as I write.  I am excited about the possibilities for ministry that a new, healthy building will provide.  I agree with the vestry that it will be an investment in our future.

Second, I want to thank the volunteers that have helped in the office, answering the phone, taking messages and retrieving the mail.  Particularly, I want to thank Dennis Wisnom for the outstanding job he is doing in preparing the bulletins each week. I am pleased that everything in the office is going so well.

Which leads me to my third concern.  As many of you know, the Communications Committee has worked diligently in making sure that parish matters are as transparent as possible.  However, some members are still having difficulty getting in touch with me.  To this end I will establish office hours on Monday through Wednesday from 9:30am to noon and on Thursdays from 2pm to 5pm.  Calling for an appointment will be helpful.  Of course, I can always be reached on my cell phone, listed in the directory.

After a summer of reflection I am more convinced than ever that this is a wonderful and extraordinary parish with a wealth of leadership and talent which bodes well for the future.  I am excited about the coming program year.  The plans which are described in this newsletter show that we are meeting the lofty objectives set out several years ago.  Thanks be to God!

Greeting Visitors!

A recent study reported that the average church visitor makes up his/her mind about a return visit within the first ten minutes of stepping into a church building.  (Yes, long before the sermon begins!)  I am interested in forming a group of 'Greeters' who would be willing to stand behind the welcome table in the tower entrance and look for visitors to greet.  On the table would be informational brochures, blank name tags, and visitors' cards.  Greeters would welcome the visitor, perhaps offer to make a name tag.  Please see me if you would like to participate in this important ministry.

                        HOME COMMUNION
If you or someone you know is unable to attend church on either a long or short-term basis, please call the parish office if you would like to have communion brought to you.


          Sunday Morning Adult Education
                                    Faith & Reason

In this series of classes participants will watch videos in which Bill Moyers explores the complex region between faith and reason, engaging in thoughtful conversations with some of the world's noted writers and thinkers.  The insights that emerge, about the creative process, the importance of myths and stories, and the human condition will afford a lively conversation and inquiry with those who attend.

The month of September will include interviews with Salman Rushdie who is painfully familiar with the clash of personal and religious expression.  Moyers talks with Rushdie about the impact of 9/11, about tension between moderate and radical Islam, and about the need to hold the line on fundamentalism even when it leads to personal risk.

All classes are held on Sunday mornings between 9 and 10am beginning on September 20th in the Parish Hall.  The rector will be the discussion leader.


            Thursday Morning Bible Study 
        Disciple Two - Into The Word Into the World

Into The Word Into The World encourages persons to open themselves to hearing what God has to say to them through the Bible and to be guided into service in the world by Scripture and their study of it.

This thirty-two-week study selects specific portions of Scripture and delves deeper into them. Depth study of Scripture will be the work both of individual members and of the group in its weekly meeting. Equal attention is given to both the Old and New Testament with concentration on four books: Genesis, Exodus, Luke, and Acts (eight lessons on each book). Appropriate connections are made to other parts of Scripture both through reading and study assignments and through commentary in the study manual. Participants will read familiar passages, see them in fresh ways, and anticipate that God will speak through them.

Classes are held on Thursdays from 10:45am to noon in the rector's office.



Extension program -School of Theology, U.of the South in Sewanee, TN.

Those of us called upon to live in a complex world which demands a sophisticated education should expect to receive a proportional preparation in those matters of greatest importance, the faith by which we live. For the church to provide less is to fail in its mission to proclaim the Good News.
Those who embark upon a method of theological reflection find new questions are raised.  Some are surprised, upset and dismayed when they discover that a simple faith may be questioned by complex reasoning..... a questioned and reasoned faith can make us feel uncomfortable, especially when some of our youthful assumptions are questioned.  But this is what illumination and enlightenment are about.

The Education for Ministry (EFM) Program is the theological education extension program of the School of Theology of the University of the South in Sewanee, Tennessee.  Completion of the program takes four years, during which participants study the Old and New Testaments, church history, and twentieth century theology.  The purpose is to provide lay members of the church with a comprehensive foundation for understanding and experiencing Christian faith.  Students meet regularly in seminars led by a trained mentor.  Tuition is $ 340 annually.

What can you expect from EFM?  Those enrolled in the program report that EFM has helped them to think theologically, increase their understanding of the Christian heritage, deepen their faith and provide them with a new confidence in their ministry.

EFM will be held on Sunday afternoons from 2pm to 4:30.  An evening or morning class could be organized with a minimum of six participants for the year.  Please see call the parish office if you would like further information about EFM. 

For additional information you might want to talk to current participants: Chris Jones, Diane Reed, Laura Davis, Dennis Wisnom, Jo Adams, or Trudy North.

   CRTC logo




 Saturday, September 19, 9a - 1p
 First UMC, Schenectady
Melanie Puorto, NYS Office of Mental Health
This timely and important introductory suicide prevention workshop will explore warning signs and early intervention techniques.
Cost: $50 by August 14; $60 thereafter   Registration deadline: September 10

Generational Dynamics
 Saturday, September 26, 9a - 4p
 Good Shpeherd Lutheran Church, Loudonville
Andy Chestnut, MSW, MBA, BS
See beyond today's meltdown and connect your church to the future by exploring generations; what they are, why they matter, and why you should care. Cost: $75 by August 28; $85 thereafter. Reg. deadline: September 10

Helping Children Listen to God
 Saturday, October 17, 9a - 4p

 Westminster Presbyterian Church, Albany
Barbara Cullum, Christian Educator & trainer
Use the best of the Godly Play as well as Children and Worship models to grow the spirits of your youngsters.
Cost: $75 by September 18; $85 thereafter. Reg. deadline: September 30

Introduction to the New Testament
 Tuesdays, October 13 - December 15, 7p - 9p
 Emmanuel-Friedens Church, Schenectady
Dr. Peter Bedford, Union College
Explore the unity and diversity of structure, composition, theology as well as historical, social, religious contexts and value in everyday life of New Testament texts. Cost: $225 ($175 audit)  Registration deadline: September 28

Freedom and Responsibility: Preaching Galatians and 1 Corinthians
 Thursday & Friday, October 22 & 23, 9a - 3p
 Carondelet Hospitality Center, Latham
Rev. Dr. Richard Carlson, LTS Gettysburgh
Explore the Christian freedomw and Responsibility empowered by the Holy Spirit in lectionary epistle texts.
Cost: $155 by September 24; $175 thereafter. Registration deadline: October 8

Introduction to World Religions: Islam
 Saturday, October 31, 9a - 12p
 Islamic Center of the Capital District
A unique experience to learn first hand from a faith leader, tour the religious space, and dialogue.
Cost: $45     Registration deadline: October 15

Overview of World Religions
~Sponsored by the Golub Foundation~

 Saturday, October 31, 12:30p - 5p
 Congregation Gates of Heaven, Schenectady
Fr. Linh Hoang, OFM, PhD, Siena College
Gain an understading of your neighbors and the world wit hthis comprehensive overview.
Cost: $50 by October 2, $60 thereafter  Registration deadline: October 15

Boundary Awareness
 Thursday, November 5, 9a - 4p

  Lynnwood Reformed Church, Schenectady
This popular workshop is required by numerous denominations.  It explores role relationship tensions inherent in any form of ministry and the setting of healthy boundaries. 
Cost: $80     Registration deadline: November 20

Watch our website and newsletter for information on these and
many other courses coming in 2009.

Scholarships are available for all classes; please contact us for an application.
Register online or by phone:

  Church and Children
As the program year begins at St. Stephen's, you'll be a part of changes in the children's Christian education.  The resounding hope is that children come and enjoy learning about our faith.  That's nothing new, but what is new is how our younger children are going to do it.
KIDS' CHAPEL:  Preschoolers through 4th graders will come to Kids' Chapel at 10:15 every Sunday.  We will meet in the parish hall each week.  When Kids' Chapel concludes (during the offering part of the service), the children will join their families in church.  There will be no regular gathering for preschoolers through 3rd graders at 9:00 this year.  However, we hope to use the 9:00-10:00 hour for special projects occasionally throughout the year.  Families will be aware of these special times well in advance.
Fourth through sixth graders will gather at 9:00 in the parish hall extension.  Once we are all together, the kids will head up to the tower.  We are so fortunate to have Peter Nelson and Allison de Kanel lead this group for another year.
Seventh through twelfth graders will gather at 9:00 in the chapel.  George Woodzell and another parishioner will lead this group.  Thank you to George for dedicating another year to the youth in our church.


I will with God's help          

Yes, we can't do this without you (all of you). 
First, except for the occasional substitute the 4th-6th graders are set and will meet with Allison and Peter from 9:00-10:00 each Sunday.
Second, the 7th through 12th grade group requires one more leader.  They meet from 9:00-10:00 in the chapel.  If you are called to work with our youth, please act on it and let me know.
Third, Kids' Chapel is divided up into 8 units.  Each unit is 4 weeks long.  If every parishioner commits to helping for one unit, everybody wins!  The kids will meet some wonderful adults and the adults will get to know some wonderful kids.  When you sign up, you will get the lessons for your unit.  Little prep will be required to lead the lesson during Kids' Chapel.  All the needed craft supplies will be ready for you each Sunday. 
You can choose to work with one of 3 groups: 
preschoolers & kindergartners
1st & 2nd graders
3rd & 4th graders
Kids' Chapel begins on 9/20.  This will be an introductory session.
Education for the older kids will begin on October 4th.  We will have acolyte training at 9:00 on 9/20 and 9/27.
Kids' Chapel first unit is "Creating Our Chapel".  It will go from 9/27-10/18.
The second unit is "Our Saints" (10/25-11/15).
The third unit is "Our Christmas Pageant" (11/22-12/13).
Please call me if you have questions or concerns.


      Nursery News 

I am so pleased to announce that Britta Kilbourn has accepted the Nursery Care Provider position.  She begins serving in the nursery on September 13th during the 10:15 service.  The nursery will be "open" for care each Sunday during the 10:15 service through the beginning of June.
As always, if you are interested in helping in the nursery or if you are willing to substitute when Britta is absent, please let me know.  Having help always makes the nursery run smoothly which is so important for the littlest in our congregation.

Please ask if you have any questions. 

Laura Davis

      Pillow Request for the Kids' Chapel
We will be creating our Chapel during the first unit of the program year.  When I think about God's people wandering in the desert and Jesus and his disciples traveling from place to place, I thought that we should have a mobile Chapel.  Whatever the kids sit upon during our short service needs to be easily stored and moveable.
With that in mind, I'm asking for donations of used standard sized pillows.  If you have any old pillows taking up space in a closet, please consider donating them.  The kids can put them to good use by sitting on them each week.  We will be decorating pillow cases to cover the pillows so the pillow's condition doesn't matter.  I will have boxes for pillow donations in the parish hall extension beginning September 6th.  Thank you very much!

Children and Youth Christian Education

Schedule Summary

Kids' Chapel begins September 20th at 10:15.  We will meet in the community room in the basement.  (Normally, we will meet in the parish hall.)
VERY IMPORTANT NOTICE:  ALL acolytes and future acolytes will have 2 training sessions from 9:00-10:00 on Sunday 9/20 and Sunday 9/27.  Please mark your calendars.  We will meet in the church.  If you have questions, please ask Allison de Kanel.
4th-6th graders' gathering time begins October 4th at 9:00 in the parish hall extension.
7th- 12th graders' gathering time begins October 4th at 9:00 in the chapel.
You and your children are always welcome to come to Sunday school.
Please contact me if you have any concerns or questions.

 Laura Davis
 Church phone:  346-6241

Thank You from the Work Campers
Thank you to all who supported the youth group in going to work camp this summer.  We had a terrific week in Peterstown, WV.  Details of our work camp thank you dinner will be coming to you soon!




Beginning in September, our Church family will engage in a collective discernment process called "Faith in Our Future - Grow with Our Church".

At its June meeting, the Vestry authorized the formation of a Task Force to come up with a plan for how to approach this discernment process. 

The intention of this process is to:
     *  have a clear vision of where we want to go over the next

             couple of years as a congregation 
     *  Be clear about what is important to us
     * collectively understand and be aligned with our purpose
             as a people who come together to serve and worship God; and to
     * provide a platform from which the current and future Vestries
            can develop goals and actions that will support us as we move
           forward, continuing to become the people God is calling us to be.

It has been almost 10 years since we have experienced something like this.  Newer members of St. Stephen's have never had the opportunity.  We believe it's time ~ and timely.

Beginning mid- to late September through mid-October, every member of the congregation will be invited to take part in this process.  There will be small groups of 8 or less who will meet in homes or at church.  Our focus is to look at where we've been, where we find ourselves today and where we want to go as a congregation.  We'll be celebrating our successes and accomplishments and finding out what we need to change to learn from our mistakes.  Together we will be looking for ways in which we can all have FAITH IN OUR FUTURE and GROW WITH OUR CHURCH.

What we need from you at this point are your prayers for the success of this, your willingness to participate, and your trust in the process.  For that we thank you.

Stay tuned for more details. 

Feel free to speak to Rocky Bonsal, Barbara Wisnom or Tracy Schierenbeck if you are curious and don't want to wait for the details!



The Nominations Committee will begin to meet early this fall.  Committee members consist of the "middle" class of Vestry members (meaning those nearing the completion of their 2nd year of thier first term). This year the members are Barbara Wisnom, Susan Feyrer, Peter Nelson, and Sid Woodcock.

Current Vestry members are eligible to run for a second term and must make their wishes known to the Nominations Committee by the end of the October Vestry meeting.

Typically, we look to have candidates to fill the role of Junior Warden, as well as three candidates to fill the seats of the members who will be completing their terms.

If you or someone you know are interested in learning what it means to serve on the Vestry, please speak to any of of the above named members.

The Nominations Committee will have the slate of candidates available for Vestry approval at the November Vestry meeting.  The congregation will be made aware of the final slate in the December Messenger and will vote on the slate at the Annual Meeting in January, 2010.

      ArtistDrawing                            ****************

                       New Parish Hall 

As approved by the Vestry last June, a contract has been signed with John D Waite Associates of Albany to design the new Parish Hall.  To support this activity, a Building Committee has been formed.  The current members of the committee are Laura Davis, Susan Feyrer, Jack Feyrer, Austin Spang, Greg Varno, and Bob Voelker

The committee had an initial introductory meeting with Jack Waite's architect team in August.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact any of the committee.
                                                                            Austin Spang


                  Information Meeting On
                 Phase I of Building Project.
Please join our Vestry Members for an informational meeting on Sunday, September 20th, following the 10:15 service, for an Informational meeting on the building project.  The Wardens and Vestry will gladly welcome questions, ideas and concerns regarding the move to build a new Parish Hall.  Why build, what was the decision, what is the capital fund drive, what do the Building Committee and Endowment Committee do?

The following is the vestry motion which passed: "Austin Spang is authorized to negotiate a contract with john G Waite Associates for the design of the new Parish Hall as indicated in the Master Plan drawn by John G Waite Associates in October, 2008.  The result of this contract will be building plans suitable for contractor bid.  The contract will be sent to the Vestry by e-mail for review before signing by clerk of the Vestry and the Treasurer.  Monies to pay the John G Waite Associates will come from the Endowment fund." 
Previous building meetings were held in July and August. Child care will be provided.
This is a very important time in the life of our congregation, so please plan to attend, and remain active participants.
Larry Levine

    Vestry Meeting on Monday September 14th

Vestry meetings are open to all members of the congregation.  Vestry meetings are held the 2nd Monday of each month at 7:30pm in the basement of the Parish Hall.
Feel free to contact any member of Vestry at any time if you have questions about what goes on at Vestry meetings, or if you have something you would like to bring before the Vestry for discussion.

Barbara Wisnom
                  New Directory:  It's out!

We have recently published a new directory listing names, addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, children's names and photographs. If you have not received your copy, look in the nave extension (behind the green screen). All that we ask is that you write your name down, so that we know you've picked up your copy. Since the directory is a continuing process, we will be putting out "additions and corrections" sheets soon. Please look for them the last couple of Sundays in September, and check to see if we've (finally!) got it right. If anything is amiss, please make pencil corrections on those pages. You can also make corrections and additions by contacting me or Dennis, our temporary secretary.  AND if we don't have a recent photograph of you and your loved ones, I would be glad to take a new one, or you could pass a recent photograph to me for the web site and the mug shot board.

Chris Jones,
(The guy with the camera at the back of the church!)


           This News Letter is E-mailed
                St. Stephen's is no longer mass mailing copies.
If possible, the preferred way to get the Messenger to you, is by e-mail. Paper copies are for anyone who needs a paper copy.  If you can manage with e-mail Messengers, please send your e-mail address to In order to save on postage, and printing, and the environment, we will only mail the Messenger to people who are homebound, or otherwise unable to make it to church.
If you have changed your email address, or wish to add an address for someone, please feel free to send aditional e-mail addresses.

Your assistance and understanding are appreciated.

Larry Levine


            ADOPT A SPOT - Reminder
                     Help is Still Needed 

        We do not have the services of a Sexton (janitor) at St. Stephen's.
                             We all want a clean Church.
                              When we share the work
                              things go more smoothly
                            things seem more effortless
                                     we have fun
                                we build community
             Come together as a community to make St. Stephen's
                  the cleanest church in Schenectady!
       Families and/or groups of individuals "Adopt A Spot" to clean.
                              The Church supplies
                       equipment & cleaning supplies.
           list of what needs to be done (dust, sweep, mop, etc.)
Families and/or individuals sign up to clean their "favorite" spot so it "sparkles".
   Sign up for as few or as many spots as you want to and have time for.

                      a one-time "sparkling spot" event
                                a 2 week period
                                     a month
                                     a quarter
                         whatever fits your schedule
                                    CLEANING TIMES
                                   Saturday mornings
                             Sundays after Coffee Hour.
 If neither of these times work for you, contact Barbara Wisnomor Rocky Bonsal
                to make arrangements for the church to be open.
                                    HOW TO SIGN UP
Sign up sheets are in the Parish Hall Extension right next to the poster describing
                                      Adopt A Spot


Book Review -  
"Faith and Politics"
 by  Senator John Danforth
Ok, I've read this short (233 pages) book one and a half times, so I ought to be able to tell you a little about why I think you might find it worthwhile reading.  Basically, it's a readable down-to-earth book by someone who is eminently qualified to talk about the issues.  John Danforth has a law degree and a seminary degree.  He has served many years as republican senator from Missouri, as well as an Episcopal priest.
The first part of the book can be summarized in the idea of "humility."  What's wrong with current politics is "our certainty that our political agenda must be God's agenda."
"I do not believe that any faith, including my own, monopolizes human understanding of God.  I believe that God created and embraces all humankind, and that religious bigotry against anyone is more than uncivilized, it is in opposition to Christianity."
The middle portion of the book contains a discussion of "wedge issues," issues that don't have all that much theological constant, but tend to drive wedges between us.  This includes public religion (monuments to the Ten Commandments, prayer in schools ...), the Terry Schiavo case (individual rights versus the federal government), abortion, stem cell research, gay marriage, and family values.
The last chapter begins with the twelfth chapter of Paul's Letter to the Romans, which Danforth calls a manual for Christian politicians and maybe the rest of us too.  For example, "think with sober judgment, each according to the measure of faith that God has assigned" helps us to see that "no one corners the market on truth." Love and reconciliation are other themes found in this chapter.
This book is an easy but profound read.  I recommend it to you.
Chris Jones

  Parish Faire PICNIC
            September 13th-11:30

The Parish Faire and Picnic is scheduled for 9/13. The Faire will 
feature all of the information you need to learn about St. Stephen's, 
from opportunities for involvement to education - for your children as 
well as yourself. We are a very busy parish and we hope that you 
consider volunteering to join a committee, attend a class series and 
place your child in our excellent Sunday School program.

The picnic is a bit different this time around. We are asking families who can stay after the 10:15 service, to bring their own meal-protein, salads, etc.  We will provide beverages(soda,coffee,tea) and  paper products. This is, in part, as a cost savings effort, and also to allow  those parishioners who are always outside cooking at the grills to have a  break.  We hope this can work for everyone, and we can all enjoy 
visiting with each other after our summer break.  

Again, this is 9/13 with the Faire occurring before and between services, and the picnic  immediately following the 10:15 service. 
Questions:  Contact Liz Varno


                   Rehabilitating Reid House
                                        Volunteers Needed
 Clipart House
As everyone in the parish knows, the City of Schenectady shut down our efforts on rehabilitating Reid House last March.  After a number of meetings and discussions, St. Stephen's in July finally got a building permit to continue the planned work.  By the time this is published, the cellar will be waterproofed and insulation will be blown into the ceiling and walls.  The outside will be painted shortly.
Volunteers are again needed to complete the interior rehabilitation.  We'll meet on the first Saturday after Labor Day, September 5, at 9:00a.  Due to the 5 months delay, we'll work on tasks that need to be done before the cold weather.  We'll be removing one of the back doors and moving the other.  We'll then start building a handicap ramp.  The inside cellar walls have been cleaned during the waterproofing.  These walls will need to be painted.
Just come and join us.  If you have questions, contact Austin Spang

                            USHERS NEEDED
One of the most important ministries at St. Stephen's is that of ushering. Usually the first person that a newcomer meets at the church is an usher, and a friendly greeting and offer of assistance can make it clear that we are an open and welcoming congregation. Ushers also help to keep the service moving smoothly, especially on major feast days when there are more people than usual. We are in need of more ushers for the 10:15 service. Perhaps a family would like to serve together (children are friendly and love to help,) or a single person or couple would be glad to serve one Sunday per month. Please contact David Caruso, who coordinates the ushers. Experienced ushers will gladly help you learn what you need to know. Look for the ushers' signup sheet at the Parish Faire on Sept. 13th!

Deacon Pat

Thanks to Home Furnishings Program Volunteers
This summer has been a busy time for us all, but some of our 
congregation found the time to volunteer for St. Stephen's Home 
Furnishings Program truck runs in July.  Our strong and stalwart 
volunteers were:

Mike Bishop
Scott Kilbourn
Steve Koch
Rocky Bonsal

Thank you to our volunteers!


HFP is a great organization which helps those in need right here in  our community.  St. Stephen's covers two weeks of truck runs - our next will be in November.  If you are interested in volunteering, contact Rocky Bonsal.  Volunteering for a truck run involves a couple hours in the evening, lifting furniture on and off the truck and 
being an ambassador of hope for people in need.

If you have any furniture or small appliances you wish to donate to 
Home Furnishings, call for more information - 346-2444 or go to their 
website at

Rocky Bonsal


        "Coffee Brewers" - Volunteers Needed
orning Coffee
Volunteers are need to help with the 8:00 Service Coffee Hour. We have a very dedicated group of volunteers but we down a couple people who have been helping out.  The more people we have on the list to help, the fewer times anyone has to do it.
The job consists of starting coffee before the 8:00 service begins and providing milk and goodies. Everyone who volunteers to help is given a set of easy to follow directions for setting up, and one of the more experienced "coffee brewers" will be glad to help.  The volunteer does not have to clean up.  The 10:15 Coffee Hour people take care of any clean up.  It really is an easy job and very much appreciated bypeople attending the 8:00 service, and those staying for Adult Ed.
If anyone would like to volunteer, please contact me.

Thanks so much. 
Suzanne Taylor

The next meeting will be Friday September 11th at 6PM.  Dennis Wisnom will make a  presentation of his  visits to the diocesan and national church conventions
 Where? The Parish Room
 Who? Anyone and Everyone!
(Sorry - no child care, but children are, as always, very welcome)

 Please Bring             
- Pot luck dish
- Own Plate
- Own Utensils

 Questions? Call Pauline Holmes


                               Youth Group News
              Union Presyterian and St. Stephen's

Something new!  This year we will be combining our efforts and our kids with Union Presbyterian Church.  This is a natural conclusion after two years of work camp together.   The youth that went to work camp this summer (4 from Union and 8 from St. Stephen's) truly became one group.  So the leaders from both churches want to extend that friendship into the program year.  This combination is for youth group social and outreach activities only.  Our "Sunday school" program will remain at St. Stephen's, meeting at 9:00 in the Chapel each Sunday.  
Because both groups are coming together, we have the opportunity to divide the group into Senior High (grades 9th-12th) and middle school (grades 6th-8th) for many activities.  
Our youth leaders will be Jean Foster (from Union), Ruth Cotter (from Union) and George Woodzell for the senior group.  The middle school group will be led by David Mahlmann (from Union) and myself.  Paster Hwa Ryu (from Union) is doing much of the planning and overseeing of the schedule.  
Pastor Hwa and George have put together a schedule for the next two months.  Some events don't have the details yet.  You'll receive the specifics by email as the events get closer.  
Schedule for September and October (We will email any changes): 
Sunday, 9/13/09:  We'll meet at Union from 5:00-7:00.  The youth have dinner together (provided by a volunteer) and then divide into groups for an activity.  
Saturday, 9/19/09:  9:00 to 1:00pm, Rosh Hashanah; baby sitting at Congregation Gates of Heaven. 
Friday, 9/25/09:  Lock in at St. Stephen's for the senior high group  
Sunday, 9/27/09:  Apple picking after church.  This is a family activity.  We'll meet at Union after church, eat a bag lunch (bring your own lunch) and go apple picking together.  
Monday, 9/28/09: 9:00am to 1:00pm, Yom Kippur; baby sitting at Congregation Gates of Heaven.   
Saturday, 10/3/09:  8:30 - 2:30, Help out at Union Presbyterian's Bargain Sale,  (come when you can)  
Tuesday, 10/6/09:  Senior high meets at Union at 6:00pm to go to hear Joe Girzone speak at Joshua Mountain (eat dinner at home before).  
Friday-Sunday, 10/16-18/09:  Retreat - details coming soon  
Sunday, 10/25/09:  5:00 to 7:00, we'll meet at Union.  The youth have dinner together (provided by a volunteer) and then divide into groups for an activity.  
Friday, 10/30/09:  We'll meet at Union at 6:00pm to go on a haunted hay ride.  
Lots of opportunities for service, fun and fellowship!  Please come to the activities that work for your schedule.  Look for reminders by email.  If you have any questions, please ask George or myself.


                            The SICM News
Thank you small
Thank you, thank you, thank you to all who helped with the Summer Lunch program at Jerry Burrell Park and Yates Village during the first week of the summer.  We served about 140 children each day, even in the rain. They came every day and ate and asked for seconds!  Jerry Burrell is one of the busiest sites each summer and the need is growing in these hard times.  Your gift of time and smiles with the food for the kids is a special outreach to this community.
Thanks also to all who brought food for the Pantry this summer.  The need is just as great in the summer, perhaps greater with kids home from school,  as it is during the winter.  Your generosity helps serve a growing need in  Schenectady.  Please continue to fill our cart.
September 27 is this year's AIDS walk and the Damien Center needs walkers and sponsors.  There are registration forms on the bulletin board by the food cart.  Please take one if you can walk on the 27th.  
There will be another Harvest For the Pantry dinner and Silent Auction.
  Last year was the first such dinner-a good meal and super silent auction.  More information to come.
Thanks again to all.   Eunice and Marti 



Wedding Anniversaries and Birthdays

Clark Davis                       9/4
Tim Olsen                         9/4
Sid Woodcock                   9/11
Alli DeBritz                       9/12
Juliette Syta                    9/12
Linda Perregaux                9/14
Bob Strong                      9/14
Olive Carter Luczka           9/15
Jo Ann Adams                  9/16
Jake Collen                      9/17
Lily Holcombe                   9/21
Rick Morin                       9/21
Clark Gittinger                  9/23
Devon Dare                     9/25
Joseph DeBritz                 9/27
Mary Michelson                9/27

Oto & Josephine Jones               9/4
Dave & Roseann Caruso              9/7
Todd Templeton & Lisa Ghenoiu   9/16
Scott & Jennifer Bristol              9/17
Ryan & Sarah Huneau                 9/18
Paul & Liz Pratico                      9/22
Ryan & Laura Davis                    9/24
Don & Helen Reid                       9/26
Denis & Carolyn Manor                9/28
Jim & Suzanne Wolff                    9/28
Christian & Melinda Renken            9/28

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Church Staff 
The Rev. Dr. James R. McDonald, Rector
The Rev. Patricia L. Jones, Deacon
Dr. Timothy Olsen, Director of Music
The Vestry
Sr Warden, Rocky Bonsal
Jr Warden, Barbara Wisnom
Class of 2009:
Melinda Renkin
Tracy Ormsbee
Glenn Kaler
Class of 2010:
Sid Woodcock
Susan Feyrer
Peter Nelson
Class of 2011:
Austin Spang
Tracy Schierinbeck
Carole Merrill-Mazurek
Serving without Vote:
Clerk: Elizabeth Levine
Treasurer: Denise Crates
 Chancellor: Rosemarie Jaquith
The Church Office
Our office is located at 1229 Baker Avenue.
The telephone number is (518) 346-6241
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