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October, 2001

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Blessing of the Animals;  St. Francis of Assisi Fr. James Selected for Pastor-Theologian Study Group
Foyers Home Furnishings Program
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Education stuff....

We are blessed once again at St. Stephen’s with a group of wonderful

church school teachers who are committed to leading our children and

young people in the way of faith.  We are thankful to God for calling

them to this ministry, and to the teachers for their enthusiasm and hard

work throughout the year.


The preschoolers (3 and 4 years of age) will be taught by Barbara Adams,

with Nan Blaufuss assisting with music.  Barbara is new to teaching at

St. Stephen’s, and she brings many years of experience teaching children

at a pre-school.  The Kindergarten – 1st Grade class will be taught once

again this year by Dawn Rizzo and Linda Emaelaf, who together make a

nurturing and fun class.  They will begin the year with learning the

Bible story of creation.

Justine Phillips will be teaching the Elementary (2nd and 3rd grades)

class once again this year.  For the first half of the year she will be

joined by new teacher Dawn McCarthy (who is also her sister in law).

The old team of Chapman and Phillips will come together in the spring

when Kim Chapman will return to help teach the Elementary class.  This

fall they will be learning the stories from the books of Genesis and


The Upper Elementary (4th and 5th grade) class has Liz Casale and new

teacher Paul Cuddihy.  They will begin the year with learning about the

biblical concept of living in covenant with God.

We’ve added a new class this year, for those in 6th and 7th grade.

We’re calling it the Intermediate class, because it is a transition from

the elementary church school to the Journey to Adulthood program.  These

young people are ready to move beyond the elementary lessons, and to ask

challenging questions about everything.  Shari and Dan MacIvor are

wonderful teachers, and they’re putting together a program of

theological study for this group.  They will begin the year by studying

other religions, such as Islam, along with basic Christian doctrine.


Our Journey to Adulthood program continues this year with our Rite-13

group, who are in 8th and 9th grade this year.  Their leaders are George

Woodzell and Gloria Kavanah.  They are off to a great start in the

freshly painted Garner Ave. house.  They will have a Lock-In at church

on Friday Sept 28 at 6:00 pm through Saturday morning at 11:00 am.

Confirmation Mentoring Program

Our young people in 10th through 12th grade will be participating in our

Confirmation Mentoring Program.  If the young people are ready and

choose to be confirmed, they can be confirmed at our Diocesan convention

in June 2002.  Each of these young people have been matched with an

adult mentor: Rebecca Emaelaf, Adam Gibbs, Jonathan Rizzo, Nicholas

Stewart, Emery Chapman, Maeve Healy, Paul Pratico, Travis Reedy, and

Taylor Trawick.  They will be meeting with their mentors weekly and

working though confirmation materials on scripture and basic Christian

doctrine.  Every six weeks or so there will be a group meeting with all

the young people and their mentors on Sunday evenings before the 7:00 pm

Eucharist.  Our first large group meeting will be October 14th, from

5:00 pm through 6:45 pm.


Our second large group meeting will follow close behind the first one,

because our Bishop’s visitation will be on October 28th.  Bishop Bena

will meet with the young people and their mentors after the 10:15

Eucharist, at 11:30 am.



Karen Malcolm, the director of our LOGOS program, will be having a

plannin gmeeting of all those interested in participating in the

“Wednesday night miracle” at St. Stephen’s, on Sept. 23rd at 5:00 pm.

If you cannot attend the meeting, but would like to participate, please

let Karen know right away.  We need to know by October 10th if the

people of St. Stephen’s are ready to support LOGOS this year so that we

can proceed with planning and staff training.


Disciple and Kerygma

Dcn Pat has a great Kerygma class this year, with more than 21 people

studying the book of Exodus this fall.  They are meeting on Tuesday

nights at 7:30.  The Disciple I classes will be beginning on October 3rd

and October 5th, so there is still time to sign up.  We have some room

in each class, but class sizes are limited to 12 each, so don’t delay.

The Wednesday night class will meet from 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm, and the

Friday night class will meet from 6:00 pm through 8:30 pm.  The Friday

night class will have child care provided.



Refrigerator and Freezer Etiquette

Please, please, please do not leave anything in either the refrigerator or the freezer that you will not use by the next day. Since nobody knows whose items are there, nobody uses them. Take all leftovers home or throw them away, particularly things that might go into the refrigerator. The Meal Site gets inspected by the Health Department and can get bad marks for our moldy oldies.

Nothing should go into the freezer that isn’t clearly marked and dated. Please, if you overbought for a church occasion, give it away at the end of the event. Do not store or freeze it.

            Thanks from the refrigerator/freezer patrol.

The October Schedule

  Oct. 7 Oct. 14 Oct. 21 Oct. 28      
Altar Guild* A B C A      
Chalice 8 am P. Holmes M. Causey C. Jones G. Woodzell      
Lector 8 am M. Bishop S. Woodcock K. Miller D. Stevens      
Chalice 10:15 G. Woodzell N. Hoffmann G. Jaquith P. Holmes      
Lector 10:15 K. Lowe M. Pasko D. Manor D. Crates      
Lector 7:00pm L. Correa   M. Pasko R. Woodzell      
Crucifer 10:15 J  Rizzo T. Trawick E. Chapman P. Pratico      
Server 10:15 E. Chapman C.Roseberry A.Gibbs C. Roseberry      
Torch 10:15 K. Gibbs E. BMcD A. Marshall E. BMcD      
Torch 10:15 A. Rizzo T. Casale R. Manor E. Marshall      
Counters E A B C      
LEMs R&G Woodzell Ackner&Downs C&D Trawick G&R Woodzell      
Care Team Bishop/Holmes G&R Woodzell A&K Lowe A&M Spang       
*Altar Guild: Your duty week begins the Saturday before the above date.
**Altar Guild: Includes Sunday service at 7 pm in chapel (Eucharist)
Acolytes: Please find a substitute if you cannot serve or call Deacon Pat.
You need to arrive in the Choir Room at least 15 minutes before the service begins.
Lectors: Read the First Lesson and lead the Psalm
Altar Guild Teams Counters
A  Hoffmann, Northrop, Peake A  M.Spang, D.May, R. May
B  Morin, Reid, Russell, Ras, Casale, B  Ackner, Gittinger, Molino
    Varno, Woodcock C  D.Belardo,Vanda,Voelker
C  Dipley, Lowe, Casale D  A.Spang, Borrowman, Crates
E.  Peake, Small, Northrop
Substitutes: Holmes, Bishop



Thank You

            . . .for the many expressions receied o the occasion of our 60th Wedding Anniversary.

            We are grateful for the years together, and cherish too, the friendships time has created.

                        Naomi and Stewart Vanda

Fr. James Selected for Pastor-Theologian Study Group

Over the past several years many church scholars have suggested that the

problem with mainline churches is not organizational or programmatic,

but theological.  The heart of the matter is the loss of the church’s

identity as a theological community.  Part of the crisis is the hiatus

between academic theology as an academic discipline and church theology

as it is lived out in the lives of the congregants. To address this

crisis in church and theology, the Lilly Endowment Inc. has made a major

grant to the Center of Theological Inquiry in Princeton, NJ in support

of a new venture in theological conversation.


Beginning this fall four study groups from around the country composed

of theologians and local pastors and priests are meeting for theological

conversations.  The program is called the Pastor-Theologian Seminars.

Our rector, Fr. James was selected to be a part of the Northeast study

group for the next three years.  The group engages in reading and

studying on a variety of areas.  For the year 2001-2002 the topic will

be the authority of scripture with special attention to resurrection

texts.  Articles written by scholars of the seminars form the basis of



Each group is a part of a network of pastor-theologians linked through

ongoing internet-based conversations and communications from Princeton.

Special conversations with visiting theologians on-line provide a broad

and challenging conversation across regional and denominational



“I have had some very stimulating conversations with colleagues from

across the country”, states Fr. James.  “Most of those involved in the

project have doctorates in theology or ministry.  One pastor of a church

about the size of St. Stephen’s just finished his doctorate from Oxford

University in England.  He proudly told our seminar that his

thesis-based book can be obtained from for the unreasonable

sum of  $59.99!”  Fr. James spent two days in September in Pennsylvania

for the last seminar meeting.  “It was exciting because we all worked

together with an understanding that theology is not true to itself when

it is simply an academic discipline”, Fr. James said.  The next meeting

will be in Princeton in January.



Dear Friends,

It has been over a week since the tragic events of September 11th as I

write this.  One part of me desperately wants to get back to some sort

of routine and resume the beginning of Church School and all the

programs that mark this time of year.  Another part of me realizes that

we can never go back to ‘the way things were’.  At 8:45 a.m. on Tuesday

morning September 11th, our world changed.  So many questions continue

to confront us and so few answers are available. As I watched TV,

listened to radio, listened to people in our community, talked with

children, attended prayer vigils, and met with other clergy, I have been

struck by the questions: Why did they do that? How can people be so

evil? Who is to blame? Where is God? What can I do? And are we still in



Questions are so hard to answer in tragic times. But we ask questions



As the news poured in, we learned that many children of our country were

lost: Dads, moms, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends. The

news has shown us their faces and told their stories and the mourning

has rippled across the country. We mourn for every family lost. Every

family torn apart. We weep for our nation not because it has been

weakened. It has not. We mourn because of our loss.


As a congregation we opened our church doors to the neighborhood on that

terrible Tuesday and we kept them open the rest of the week.  We had a

requiem Eucharist Tuesday evening with an attendance of over 100!  On

the national day of mourning on Friday we had over 150 attend.  We

collected over $1000 for Episcopal Relief work in NYC and Washington,

DC.  We cried, we prayed and we sought comfort from one another.


Now, after we feel we have cried about as much as is possible, we start

asking questions and perhaps the anger comes as well. Who is to blame?

That is where we stand now. The very scary thing about answering this

question is that in this situation the implications are so profound. Our

world is now so small. How we answer this question involves everyone on



I was impressed by President Bush’s joint address to congress.  He

forcibly stated that America is a war with terrorists, not with

Muslims.  That point was voiced earlier and often by Mayor Guiliani.

Our country's response to the horrible events earlier this month is not

hatred of any group or nation, but resolve to limit the possibility of

such acts ever happening again.


We need to find some answers to our many questions.  The Sundays after

those terrorist attacks, the adult forum at Saint Stephen's has been on

Islam.  The church has wonderful resources in the library which can help

us understand our Muslim brothers and sisters.  If you missed the

discussions in church, I urge you to borrow one of the several video

tapes on Islam watch it with family and friends and discuss what you

have learned. We will never find all of the answers to our questions

surrounding September 11th, but as a community of faith we can open our

hearts and minds to those who worship God in a different way.


We have seen God near the heart of all who in the face of this tragedy

love their neighbor

and turn to God in repentance - who in the ashes of these last two weeks

look to God, not for answers, but because in the end tragedies teach us

that we are mortal and fully dependent upon God.


But as mortals it is only natural for us to ask questions.


What should we do? We should mourn, yes, but we should also rebuild. We

should rebuild our walls as soon as the rubble is cleared. We should

rebuild our lives as soon as we honor in death all hose who have fallen.

We have already begun to rebuild our confidence as a people by showing

our faith in God.


Amen and God bless America.

Blessing of the Animals;  St. Francis of Assisi

In October we celebrate the life and work of St. Francis.  He is

probably better known for preaching to birds than for the poverty he

embraced in his passion to be like Christ.  Yet, Francis' love of God's

creation has given his statue a place in many church and home gardens.


No mere nature lover, Francis saw in nature's paradoxes and mysteries a

revelation of the presence of God.  He marveled at the simplicity and

obedience of the birds, fishes, rabbits, doves, the falcon who wakened

him for Matins, the famous wolf of Gubbio who gave his pledge of peace

to Francis and kept it.


Because of St. Francis' connection to God's creation, and especially to

animals, a tradition arose in England whereby the parish priest would

bless the villagers' animals on St. Francis' Day.  This year our

congregation will have our annual blessing of the animals on October



Here's how it will work:


On Saturday at 10 am the congregation and any animals (on leashes!) will

gather next to the church behind the parish hall. WE WILL REMAIN OUTSIDE

DURING THE ENTIRE SERVICE.  The rector will begin a brief worship

service and then will bless each animal saying:  "O God, who has made

all things for yourself, bless, we pray you, this animal; that it may be

a source of love and joy to those with with whom it dwells."


It's quite a sight!


Sign-up forms for "Foyers - Fall '01” is still available in the Parish

Hall.  It is essential that you sign up to participate in this eighth

year of Foyers as we cannot assume that all those who have already

participated will continue this fall.


The Foyer program at St. Stephen's emerged as part of our mission

discernment and involves eight to ten people meeting monthly for dinner

and conversation in each others homes.  If you have any questions,

please call the parish office.

Home Furnishings Program 

Many, many thanks to the four crews from St.

Stephen1s who picked up and delivered furniture for the Home Furnishings

Program in August and September.  One of the donors called the HFP

coordinator to comment on how impressed he was with such nice people.  Way

to go, crews!

    Tom Miller, Greg Phillips, Chris Youmans

    Rocky Bonsal, Dave and Denise Crates

    Dave Malcolm, Charlie Mertz, George Woodzell

    Rick Morin, Sid and Gillian Woodcock

As an aside, the families of one of the crews got together for dinner

beforehand.  After such a delightful evening, we decided to let others know.

Is this the start of a new tradition, the Home Furnishings Foyer?

October Altar Flowers

            1            In loving memory of Jeffery L. Knight

                                    given by  William R. Bansal

            8            In honor of the loved ones of

                                    Jesse and Betty Dipley

            15             In loving memory of Lawrence G. Perton, William and Johanna Earle, Elizabeth Card, Justus and Anna Peterson

                                    given by Mrs. Lawrence G. Peterson

            22            In loving memory of James Belardo

                                    given by Sal and Diana Belardo

                        In loving memory of Caitlin Olberg

                                    given by Anddrea and Rob Olberg

            29            In thanksgiving for the marriage of Maureen Kelly and Brian Taylor

                                    given by David and Suzanne Taylor

October Birthdays

            3            Kabby Lowe

                        Alex Rizzo

                        Andrew Novak

            5            Gene Whitne

            7            Susan Liberis

            7            Stephen Pohl

            8            Grant Jaquith

            9            Dorothea Ham

                        Kenen Mathes

            11            Herb Gretz

                        Janet Schlansker

            12            Don Molino

            14            Diana Belardo

                        Cameron Pierce

                        Kristen Pierce

            15            Mildred Marks

                        Polly Mathews

            16            Rosemarie Jaquith

            19            Norma Flora

                        Tamara Glass

            20            Katie Casale

            21            Tom Miller

            22            Karen Holcombe

            23            Alice Petter

            24            Michael DeBritz

                        Larene Jaquith

            25            Lorrie Lyons

                        Greg McCarthy

            26            Coleton Jaquith

            28            Ruth Cotton

                        Eunice Chouffi           

                        T.J. Wilcox

            30            Samuel Holcombe

October Wedding Anniversaries

            4            Dawn and Greg McCarthy

            7            Shari and Dan MacIvor

            9            Betty and Jesse Dipley

                        Bonita and Robert Bailey

            19            Shirley and Herb Gretz

            27            Liz and John Casale

Did you know?  

The Episcopal Church opposed opening the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) to oil and gas exploration at General Convention 1991. All Episcopalians are urged to contact their congressperson and ask them to oppose drilling in the Artic Nationl Wildlife Refuge. Our congressman is Rep. Michael R. McNHulty at 800-513-3472.


Last year, the St. Clare Chapter of the Daughters of the King was instituted

at St. Stephen1s on the feast of Pentecost.   The five members of the

chapter vowed to undertake a Rule of Life, which includes a Rule of Prayer

and a Rule of Service.


What is a Rule of Life?  It is a daily spiritual discipline of prayer, study

and service.  3It begins with the decision to take time for what is most

important . . . to take the time to attend to God, to the meaning of my

life, and to what God wants my life to mean.  The center of the Rule is not

the exact observance of the Rule1s prescriptions - it is to take time.2

            from notes of Fr. Bede Thomas Mudge,

        Order of the Holy Cross, Mundi Medicini, Spring 1991


So we have vowed to take time for God.  What this has meant to me is that I

start with turning the day over to God, sometimes even before I1m out of

bed.  Never mind that I might grab it back ten minutes later - I can turn it

back to God over and over.   Taking time to pray on the way to a meeting,

before I answer the phone, waiting for a traffic light, or when I1m about to

address an unpleasant situation has always made a difference in my response

to other people.  Would that I always remembered to do it!  I try each day

also to remember those on our prayer list.  But when I sit quietly, going

over the day, sometimes jotting down my thoughts in a journal, I find things

falling into place, making sense, and answering questions that perplexed me.

I find that1s when I1m listening to God.


You may have noticed the DOK cross we each wear - each morning as I put it

on I remember the motto:  3For His Sake . . . I am but one, but I am one.  I

cannot do everything, but I can do something.  What I can do, I ought to do.

What I ought to do, by the grace of God I will do.  Lord, what will you have

me do?2  The cross is a reminder to me of whose I am, and of the prayer and

service I have been called to in baptism.  It has helped me to keep focused

on seeing and serving Christ in other people, even when I1m in a hurry and

want to keep to my own agenda.  It has prevented me from remaining a closet

Christian; I feel as if I1m in uniform, representing Christ.


The Daughters of the King meet once a month following the 10:00 Eucharist

Thursday mornings, for prayer and study.  This time is also when we can

support one another in our struggles to follow our Rule of Life, and make

plans for service to our parish.  We are currently studying Cynthia Heald1s

3Becoming a Woman of Prayer.2  Our next meeting will be October 28, and we

welcome any women of the parish to join us.


If you are interested in learning more about DOK, but cannot come to our

meeting, please call the office or contact Richey Woodzell, Cherie Downs or

Jeanette Ackner.


The 25th Annual Medieval Faire

The 25th Anniversary of the Medieval Faire at the Cathedral of All
Saints at the corner of Swan and Elk Streets, Albany, will take place on
Friday, October 19 from 4-6pm and on Saturday, October 20, from 10am to

The celebration will include knights and ladies of the court and there
will be jugglers, musicians, puppeteers and dancers. Talented vendors
will sell their wares and demonstrate their skills as well. The great
chefs in the kitchen will be using their arts to set out tasty foods for
your dining pleasure in the food court.

On Saturday at 11:30am, a prince and a princess will be crowned by the
boy bishop. The ceremony will be held in the Nave of the cathedral. We
ask that children come to the faire in costume. The prince and princess
will be chosen by a " panel of judges," who will take into account
costume originality, etc. Those wishing to participate must appear
before the judging panel before 11am on Saturday. The Prince and
Princess will "reign" over the faire for the remainder of the day.

The Over-the-Hill Gang did so much over the summer that it is hard to
list their accomplishments. George, Bill, John, Austin, and Ted (and
Michael, whenever he stayed on the ground for any length of time) all
worked hard on revamping the office kitchen into a real work room
(thanks also to Gregg). This merry band also did a number of maintenance
chores around the several buildings. They scrape and paint and patch.
They hammer in the stray nail, they plumb and hum (couldn't resist!). Do
visit the two downstairs bathrooms. With Marilyn Causey's decorating
skill, the OTHG made those somewhat shabby rooms look great!