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Summer, 2001

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On April 28, the SICM Spring Tour took place.  This tour visits four SICM programs in progress:  the Damien Center, the Food Program, COCOA House, and Jobs, Etc.  All of the programs are in the City of Schenectady within a few blocks of the SICM Office.

The Damien Center continues to offer support and hospitality to people with HIV and AIDS.  As the life expectancy for AIDS patients increases, this program has seen more clients who need services to "reconnect" with life.

The Food Program continues to serve the food needs of hundreds of County residents.  Components have recently been added to accomodate fast-growing ethnic groups in the population.  Parishioners are reminded that although food donations are always welcome, cash donations go a lot farther because food can be purchased by the Food Program at a much lower cost through the Food Bank.

COCOA House is an after-school "cafe" where students in all grades can receive tutoring on a one-to-one basis from participating Union College student volunteers.  The program is hugely successful as the enrollment continues to climb.

Jobs, Etc. offers not only job opportunities but a "link-up" service to connect job-seekers with prospective employers.  It also offers services to give clients a "whole life" view or a "step up" in life.

Future tours can be arranged for any participating church group, large or small, by calling the SICM Office.



The Feast of Pentecost marks the end of the Easter Festival in the

Liturgical year.  But it is not the end of anything, but the beginning

of that new life in Christ.  In our prayerbook Pentecost is properly

designated as the fiftieth day of Easter.  The

celebration begins with the day of Resurrection and ends with the gift

of the spirit to the Church.  That giving of the Spirit is to be

understood as a resurrection appearance.

The import of Pentecost as the final Resurrection appearance is that

through the gift of the Spirit, Christ's presence is forever insured for

the community of the faithful.  This we indeed celebrate!


We will celebrate the great Feast of Pentecost on Sunday, June 3rd.

This feast is as important as Christmas or Easter and St. Stephen's is

hoping to have everyone present for the celebration.  There will be Holy

Baptism, especially appropriate on this day, and special music.  The

gospel will be read in several different languages representing the many

languages present on that first Pentecost.  Red is the color associated

with the Holy Spirit, so wear something red to church!

Our cartoonist graduates...

Well, he's a little OLDER now.  Off to SU in the fall!
Some of his work below.  ENJOY!


by Deacon Pat Jones

Beginning in September, Kerygma Bible Study will begin a new course of learning. Classes meet on Tuesday evenings, 7:30 - 9:00, and they are open to anyone who wants to learn more about scripture in an open and companionable atmosphere. More specific information on course material will be available in September.

Human Rights Award

On an early morning recently, more than twenty St. Stephen’s breakfasted at the Glen Sanders Mansion as we awaited the results of elections of the Schenectady County  Commission on Human Rights for its annual awards. We were all pleased that our Deacon, Pat Jones, won for her work in the community and particularly her many hours over a long time with the women at the Schenectady County Jail. It is a well-deserved honor!

LOGOS – a family ministry.

The LOGOS program at St. Stephen’s will begin next September.  Families will meet on Wednesdays, starting between 3:30 – 4:00 pm and ending between 7:00 – 7:30 pm.

LOGOS includes time for play, Bible study, study hall, family dinner, choir and worship.  There will be nursery care for children under five.  We realize that parents who work outside the home may have a hard time getting their children to St. Stephen’s in the mid-afternoon, so we hope to arrange carpools to pick up their children around 3:30 and bring them to St. Stephen’s.  Their parents can join us a little later to cook and serve dinner.  Parents who can be available earlier may consider a commitment to serving as playtime or study hall supervisor.  But LOGOS is by no means only for parents of young children!.  When St. Stephen’s participated in LOGOS back in the early 90’s many of our most committed and enthusiastic volunteers were people whose children were already grown up. 

LOGOS is a family ministry.  It is important for everyone to understand that it is not an after-school drop in program for kids.  Children participate in LOGOS with their parents or guardians.  Even more than that, families who choose to participate are asked to make a commitment to regular Sunday attendance at St. Stephen’s, as well as regular attendance at LOGOS.

Four adults have committed to attending the LOGOS Leadership training at the end of June.  There will be more, because I have not finished contacting people to ask them.  If I don’t reach you, and you want to participate, please let me know.  The registration deadline for the Leadership training in Sudbury is June 6th.  The  Leadership Training Schools that will be offered in the Northeast are:

June 23-30 Sudbury, MA

July 12-14 Gibsonia, PA

Aug 9-11 Pottstown, PA.

We want as many volunteers as possible to attend the training school, and we hope to arrange a visit to a church in the area that is already offering LOGOS.  Please consider prayerfully your own time and commitments, and whether you may be called to serve God in this ministry.

Vacation Bible School

Aslan is On the Move!

July 23 – July 27

We’ve already had some inquiries from people living in the neighborhood around our church asking if we will be offering a Vacation Bible school this summer.  Our summer camp will be the week of July 23 through July 27 (Monday through Friday, 9:00 am through 12:30 pm) for children from Kindergarten through 5th grade.  Aslan is On the Move! is a program based on The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, a children’s book by C.S. Lewis.  If you are familiar with the Narnia books, you can imagine how great it will be for children to spend time playing, feasting, and having adventures in Narnia.  Put the dates on your calendar, and join us for the journey through the back of the wardrobe!

Please register using the enclosed form, and return it to the church office.  Registration deadline is July 6th.

Education Plans for the Next Program Year 2001-2002


Here is a preview of our Christian Education programs beginning next fall.  Many of these you can pencil into your calendar now!

For families –

the LOGOS program on Wednesday evenings, starting between 3:30 – 4:00 pm and ending between 7:00 – 7:30 pm

For children (K through 6th grade) –

the Episcopal Children’s Curriculum Church School on Sundays during the Education hour.

For young people –

the Journey to Adulthood, which includes meeting time during the Sunday Education hour, as well as retreats, group activities, and ministry in the community.

For Adults –

Adult Education Hour with new topics and great new teachers during the Sunday Education hour;

Inquirer’s and Discovery classes during the Sunday Education hour;

Kerygma Bible study classes Tuesdays (7:00 pm – 9:30 pm);

Two Disciple Bible series Tuesdays 7:00 – 9:30 and Fridays 6:00 – 8:30, with child care provided on Fridays.

Rector's Letter

Dear Friends,

This is the "Summer Messenger" which means that is the last one you will

receive until September.  This also means that our program year is

coming to an end.  Every June I look back over the last ten months in

amazement.  The collection of monthly "Messengers" tells the story of

the year just past.  As I flip through the pages, there is one response

that arises: the response of gratitude to God for the gift of such a


It has been said before on this page, and I cannot help but wonder: do

we realize, do we ever really realize the gift of this congregation to

us?  Look through the new directory - at all the names of all who have

joined our membership - and remember that many congregations struggle to

show a lessened decline each year.  As I flip through the past year's

newsletters, I remember the incredible lives of those who have died, but

not before they gave much of themselves to the work of this church.


I also see articles on activities that have helped us to keep on top of

social issues, to educate us about the substance of the Christian faith,

to welcome those who are strangers in our midst.  Consider the members

of the parish council whose labors of love have strengthened us.

Rejoice at the list of vestry members who have led us this far.  I am

overwhelmed at the children in our congregation who have crowded into

our church.  I am excited by the strains of choirs singing, our organ



Do we ever really realize what an INCREDIBLE, LIVELY, REMARKABLE gift

this church is to each and every one of us?  Come to the volunteer

recognition picnic on June 10th after the 10:15 am Eucharist.  Celebrate

all that we have done; give thanks to God for the gifts of such a year.


Summer Bits....



When you worship elsewhere this summer, please save the bulletin (or

anything else you think might be of interest) and give it to Fr. James.

He loves to receive bulletins and newsletters from other churches.


For the months of June and August the rector will lead a Bible Study

after the Thursday morning service of Eucharist and Healing, beginning

at 10:45 a.m.  The study focuses upon the lections for the coming

Sunday. Everyone is most welcome to join this study.


Summer Finances

The Finance Committee sends a gentle summer reminder that our financial

commitments do not go on vacation.  If you plan to be away, please

update your pledge before you leave.


Diocese to Propose Big Changes

    At the Annual Convention during June 8-10 there will be an proposal

that could change the way our diocese operates.  The Diocese will

present plans to sell our properties at Beaver Cross (near Cooperstown),

Barry House (on Brant Lake in the Adirondacks) and the Diocesan office

building (in Albany).  Saint Mary's Convent (in Peekskill) also will sell their property.

    For two years a diocesan taskforce has been looking into the

possibility of developing a Spiritual Life Center where the all

operations would be centralized.  The plan would be to purchase enough

property on a body of water and then to build a central chapel, new

convent buildings, a dining building, a building of double occupancy

rooms, each having their own bathroom, a healing and hospice building,

and a diocesan office building.  Since the nuns are bringing a large

library with them, a residential library will also be built, with single

occupancy rooms.  Farther away cabins and a pool will be built to

accommodate Beaver Cross Camp.  A large parking area will be needed for

all the activities of the Spiritual Life Center.

    A location will not be announced at the Convention, though property

in the geographical center of the Diocese is being examined.  Property

north of Amsterdam would be the center of the Diocese.  The diocesan

taskforce has determined that a location which is within a couple hours

of the Albany airport and with easy access to I-90 or I-87 would be


 Many regular diocesan activities such as parish retreats, Crusillo,

Happening, and other Diocesan Youth gatherings would use the Center.  A

business plan for the Center also includes groups outside the church to

use the Center so that it is at full occupancy most of the year.


Church Camp

Registrations are being accepted for Church Camp at Beaver-Cross.


Beaver-Cross Episcopal Conference Center is located on Route 80 near

Springfield Center, New York, slightly more than a mile south of the

junctions for Routes 20 and 80.  Overlooking picturesque Otsego Lake,

its 37 acres provide an ideal setting for an experiment in Christian


Beaver-Cross offers swimming, organized sports, arts and crafts, music

drama and nature study.  A typical day begins with Morning Prayer,

followed by breakfast, a program led by diocesan clergy, crafts and

games, lunch, swimming and free time.  The evening includes dinner,

recreation and Compline.

More information and registration forms can be found on the welcome

table in the parish hall extension.  Financial aid is also available.

Parent/Guardian Information and Permission Form for Aslan is on the Move!


Summer Vacation Church Camp at St. Stephen's Episcopal Church

1229 Baker Avenue

Schenectady, NY 12309

July 23 through 27    9:00 am though 12:30 pm
Forms can be found on the "Welcome" table in the nave extension.



Name of Student _______________________________________


Date of Birth ___________   Age ___________


Address ______________________________________________


Town _________________________ Zip Code _____________


Phone Number (______) _________________


Listed below are some of the activities during this Summer Vacation Church Camp.


______ watching a movie               _______  talking together

______ telling stories and singing _______  prayer and worship

______ outdoor games                  _______  making crafts

______ costumed skits                  _______  feasting on snacks


Rules of behavior Expected of Each Participant.

Participants stay with their assigned group at all times.  Follow the directions of the adult group leaders.

Follow reasonable and safe behavior.

Be respectful of others.


I want to volunteer to help with the Summer Vacation Church Camp!

            (circle areas of special interests)


            crafts                       games                       music


         snacks                     drama                  storytelling



Medical and Emergency Information


[insert medical form]


Parent Release Statement:


            As parent/legal guardian of ___________________, I have reviewed the information about the Summer Vacation Church School at St. Stephenís, and give my permission for the subject of this release to be involved in the overall activities and in the specific activities above.

            I/We have reviewed the rules of the activity and agree that the subject of this release will abide by them

            I/We understand all reasonable safety precautions will be taken at all times by St. Stephenís and its leaders during the events and activities.  I/We understand the possibility of unforeseen hazards and know the inherent possibility of risk.  I/We agree not to hold St. Stephenís Episcopal Church, its leaders, employees, and volunteer staff liable for damages, losses, or injuries incurred by the subject of this form.


In case of emergency, please contact ______________________ phone# ______________

if I am not available. The child’s physician is____________________ phon#___________

Hospital of choice___________________________

Any medical issues that we should be aware of:___________________________________


Parent/Guardian Signature________________________________

Date __________________________



Service Committee

Thank you once again for your generous gifts of food enabling our 6 Christmas families to have a brighter Easter. Also, special thanks to our delivering families: the Mertzs, Trawicks, Marshalls and Ehlers.

Your generosity never fails to amaze me.

                                                                                    Pauline Holmes

                                                                                    Chair - Service

Safe House

As well as your generous gifts of toiletries which are always used and appreciated, please add deodorants and toothpaste to your gifts. Please put your gifts in the marked basket in the narthex.


Safe House also needs twin size sheets, towels, washcloths and diapers sizes medium and large. We hope you can help.


Once again we will be supporting needy families by enabling children to return to school with full new backpacks. Cards designating items for the backpacks will be available on Sunday, August 5th, and must be returned to church by Sunday, August 26th. Thank you once again for your generosity in enabling these kids to return to school kitted out like their friends - this means a lot!

Pauline Holmes
Chair - Service

Flowers, Birthdays, and Anniversaries

June Altar Flowers

3   In loving memory of

      William R. Jones

      Anne Latham Dare

      given by

      Devon Anne Dare and

      David William Dare


10  In loving memory of

      Adleen and Roger Williams

      given by

      June Russell


17  In honor of the graduating


      Emily Blaufuss, Benjamin

      Hoshko, Margaret Trawick,

      Stephen Woodzel

      given by

      Nan Blaufuss

      Vicki and Richard Hoshko

      Debbie and Charles Trawick

      Richey and George Woodzell

      In loving memory of

      Frances N. Reid

      William and Martha Reid

      Sidney and Clara Nickerson

      and in thanksgiving for the life

      and love of William B. Reid

      given by

      William’s Family


24  As a thank offerin for the

      2nd wedding anniversary of

      Roy and Barbara Dobbins Stratton



June Birthdays

1   Rob Manor

2   Bob Voelker

3   Chris Youmans

5   June Hatlee

      Tristian Sherman

7   Jeanette Ackner

      Barbara Adams

8   Edith Lundquist

9   Everett Badger

      Timothy McKeone

11  Joseph Murphy Nolan

13  Charles Mertz

14  Stephen Gray

      Bonita Bailey

      Madeline Olberg

18  William Reid

      Josephine Jones

      Karen Smith

20  Al Lowe

      Earl Slanker

      Chris Murphy

22  Britta Christine Kilbourn

23  Zachary Jerard

25  Bob Malmros

26  Francesca Kennedy

27  Sal Belardo

29  Helen Oyer

30  Charles Trawick


June Wedding Anniversaries


1   Peter Sombor and Lucy Clark

3   Greg and Janine Phillips

9   James and Viki Brooks-McDonald

10  Jim and Sandy Borrowman

12  Chris and Pat Jones

      Sal and Diana Belardo

13  Earl and Jean Slanker

15  Scott and Diane Bengston Kilbourn\

19  Stephen and Kim Chapman

20  Mike and Stacy DeBritz

      Clark and Millie Gittinger

      Glenn and Dawn Kaler

22  Austin and Marti Spang

      Belachew and Linda Emalaef

      Kurt and Beth McKeone

27  Roy and Barbara Dobbins Stratton


August Altar Flowers


5     In loving memory of

        Nancy Walters Carter

        given by

        John and Olive Carter Luczka


12    In loving memory of

        Justin N. Northrop

        given by

        Pauline Northrop


19    In loving memory of

        Edwin McCullough

        given by

        Betty McCullough


26    In thanksgiving for the wedding

   anniversary of Charles and

        Debbie Trawick



August Birthdays


2     Betty McCullough

        Paul Lyons

3     Janet Lundgren

5     Cynthia Reedy

        Peter Sombor

6     Pauline Holmes

7     Suzanne Taylor

        Sydney Bailey

9     Nora Molino

12    Robert Petito

15    John Goldthwaite

16    Daniel Emaelaf

18    Mildred Santer

19    Betty Dipley

20    Stacy DeBritz

        Emily Mertz

22    Janine Phillips

        David Dare

        Mary Eliabeth Wrubel

24    Daniel Koch

        James Lyons

25    Ryan Fast

        Melissa Pierson

        Murray Roseberry

26    Richey Woodzell

28    Clark Whitney

29    Glenn Kaler

30    Mary Whitney



August Wedding Anniversaries


1     Dawn and Ben Tonneau

2     Susie and Tim Olsen

3     Chris Murphy and Kelly Nolan

5     Francesca and Paul Kennedy

6     Cindy and Alton Reedy

        Melissa and Ben Pierson

9     Karen and William Smith

12    Linda and Murray Roseberry

13    Carmella and Charlie Vedder

18    Polly and Dick Mathews

21    Carol and Kent Molino

25    Mary and Ron Michaelson

        Debbie and Charles Trawick

28    Suzanne and David Taylor

31    Kathy and Tom Miller         


The summer schedule

  Jun 4 Jun 11     Jun 18 Jun 25  
Altar Guild* B C     A B  
Chalice 8 am   P. Holmes     M.Causey C. Jones  
Lector 8 am   M. Bishop     D. Stevens G. Woodcock  
Chalice 10:15 C. Jones G. Woodzell     O. Luczka N. Hoffmann  
Lector 10:15 L. Emaelaf B. Voelker     C. Murphy K. Chapman  
Crucifer 10:15   Pratico     Pratico J. Rizzo  
Server 10:15   M. Trawick     Roseberry A. Rizzo  
Torch 10:15   Manor          
Torch 10:15   Pierce          
Ushers   B     C D  
Nursery   L or G Varno     D or N Bernard    
Counters E A     B C  
Flower Dist. C D     A B  
Care Team G&R Woodzell R&D May     G&SWoodcock Bishop/Holmes  
The June 4th service is a Eucharist and picnic at 5:00
*Altar Guild: Your duty week begins the Saturday before the above date.
**Altar Guild: Includes Sunday service at 7 pm in chapel (Eucharist)
Acolytes: Please find a substitute if you cannot serve or call Deacon Pat.
You need to arrive in the Choir Room at least 15 minutes before the service begins.
Lectors: Read the First Lesson and lead the Psalm
Altar Guild Teams Flower Distribution Team
A  Hoffman, Northrop A  Lowe
B  Peake, Morin, Reid, Russell B  Woodzell, Ackner
C  Dipley, Lowe, Tomlinson C  R&D May
D  Tatge
A  Borrowman, Nevius Counters
B  Kilbourn, Ehler A  M.Spang, D.May, R. May
C  Lowe, Voelker B  Ackner, Gittinger, Molino
D Woodzell, Michelson C  D.Belardo,Vanda,Voelker
E  Dare, Stewart D  A.Spang, Borrowman, Crates
F  Causey, Jones E.  Cornell, Peake, Small
Sustitutes: Holmes, Bishop
  Jul 2 Jul 9     Jul 16 Jul 23 Jul 30
Altar Guild* C A     B C A
Chalice 8 am              
Lector 8 am              
Chalice 10:15              
Lector 10:15              
Crucifer 10:15 Stewart M. Trawick     Pratico J. Rizzo Stewart
Server 10:15 Whitney T. Trawick     Casale BMcD Morin
Torch 10:15              
Torch 10:15              
Ushers E F     A B C
Counters D E     A B C
Flower Dist. C D     A B C
Care Team D&M Causey A&M Spang     A&K Lowe G&R Woodzell R&D May
*Altar Guild: Your duty week begins the Saturday before the above date.
**Altar Guild: Includes Sunday service at 7 pm in chapel (Eucharist)
Acolytes: Please find a substitute if you cannot serve or call Deacon Pat.
You need to arrive in the Choir Room at least 15 minutes before the service begins.
Lectors: Read the First Lesson and lead the Psalm
Altar Guild Teams Flower Distribution Team
A  Hoffman, Northrop A  Lowe
B  Peake, Morin, Reid, Russell B  Woodzell, Ackner
C  Dipley, Lowe, Tomlinson C  R&D May
D  Tatge
A  Borrowman, Nevius Counters
B  Kilbourn, Ehler A  M.Spang, D.May, R. May
C  Lowe, Voelker B  Ackner, Gittinger, Molino
D Woodzell, Michelson C  D.Belardo,Vanda,Voelker
E  Dare, Stewart D  A.Spang, Borrowman, Crates
F  Causey, Jones E.  Cornell, Peake, Small
Sustitutes: Holmes, Bishop
  Aug. 5 Aug 12 Aug 19 Aug 26      
Altar Guild* B C A B      
Chalice 8 am M. Causey G. Woodzell C. Jones O. Luczka      
Lector 8 am S. Woodcock D. Stevens S. Ras L. Stevens      
Chalice 10:15 N. Hoffmann G. Jaquith G. Woodzell C. Jones      
Lector 10:15 R. Stewart J. Ackner R. Woodzell G. Whitney      
Lector 7:00pm R. Woodzell R. Stewart L. Correa M. Bishop      
Crucifer 10:15              
Server 10:15              
Torch 10:15              
Torch 10:15              
Ushers D B C D      
Counters A B C D      
Care Team R&D May A&M Spang G&S Woodcock C&D Trawick      
*Altar Guild: Your duty week begins the Saturday before the above date.
**Altar Guild: Includes Sunday service at 7 pm in chapel (Eucharist)
Acolytes: Please find a substitute if you cannot serve or call Deacon Pat.
You need to arrive in the Choir Room at least 15 minutes before the service begins.
Lectors: Read the First Lesson and lead the Psalm
Altar Guild Teams Counters    
A  Hoffmann, Northrop, Peake A  M.Spang, D.May, R. May    
B  Morin, Reid, Russell, Ras, , B  Ackner, Gittinger, Molino    
    Varno, Woodcock C  D.Belardo,Vanda,Voelker    
C  Dipley, Lowe, Casale D  A.Spang, Borrowman, Crates    
Ushers E.  Peake, Small, Northrop    
B A. Lowe, L. Varno Substitutes: Holmes, Bishop    
C G. Woodzell, S. Kilbourn     
D J. Dare, J. Jones