MESSENGER, Oct. 1999

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Welcome: Charles Vedder Letter: Lay Eucharistic Ministers
Flowers Safe House
Oct. Schedule SICM
Communion Class New Youth Education Program Proposal
All Saints Day Church School
Birthdays Home Furnishings


Messenger Oct. 1999

Welcome to Our Family at St. Stephen’s    by Louise Peake

Charles Vedder is not a stranger to St. Stephen’s. He was an active member of the parish prior to 1947 and continued to be so after Fr. Moss established St. Stephen’s Church. Anyone interested in the history of our Church should make a point to see "Charlie" (as he likes to be called). He certainly holds one’s interest as he relates the beginnings of our Church. Charlie and his wife celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on August 13. They are the proud and loving grandparents of eight. The Vedders have lived in Scotia for many years and attended St. Andrew’s in Scotia. Charlie transferred back to St. Stephen’s about a year ago and generally attends the 8 am Sunday service.

Charlie is a US Navy and GE retiree. He was a broadcaster for WRGB for 39 years. He spends part of his very active retirement working as needed at Goldstock’s Sporting Goods, a family connected business. We shared Charlie’s culinary expertise as he worked the grill at our September parish picnic. And he grows great tomatoes!


Flowers in October

October 3 In memory of Paul and Elsie Tanner and Vera Tanner. Given by Lois WA. Newkirk

October 10 In memory of the loved ones of Jesse and Betty Dipley

October 17 In memory of Lawrence G. Peterson, William and Johanna Earle, Elizabeth Card, Justus and Anna Peterson. Given by Mrs. Lawrence G. Peterson

Octobe 24 In memory of Leigh and Dorothy Lydecker, Jennie and Alfred Lowe, Sr. Given by Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Lowe, Jr.

October 31 All Saints’ Day Flowers

October Schedule  

 Oct. 3          Oct. 10   Oct. 17      Oct. 24    Oct. 31
Altar Guild*  A B C** A B
Chalice  8 am G. Woodzell M.Causey    C. Jones     P. Holmes   G. Woodzell
Lector 8 am B. Stratton   D. Molino G. Woodcock    K. Miller       S. Coonradt
Chalice 10:15      C. Jones    N. Hoffmann P. Holmes    O. Luczka    M. Causey
Lector 10:15 M. Gittinger   E. Whitney   C. Murphy K. Chapman K. Lowe
Crucifer 10:15   J. Petito     Stewart   M. Trawick R. Petito   J. Petito
Server 10:15    Pratico   J. Rizzo J. Petito   Chapman    Pratico
Torch 10:15 Pierce Roseberry   Casale   Manor   Pierce
BMcD T. Trawick Whitney Morin BMcD
Ushers  C D E F
Nursery  Varno Bernard Campbell Gourley DeBritz
Counters E A B C D
Nursery D A B C D
Care Team R&D May    G&SWoodcock Bishop/Holmes Ackner   A&M Spang

*Altar Guild: Your duty week begins the Saturday before the above date.

**Altar Guild: Includes Sunday service at 7 pm in chapel (Eucharist)

Acolytes: Please find a substitute if you cannot serve or call Deacon Pat.

You need to arrive in the Choir Room at least 15 minutes before the service begins.

Lectors: Read the First Lesson and lead the Psalm

Altar Guild Teams Flower Distribution

A Hoffman, Northrop A Lowe
B McDonald, Morin, Reid, Russell B Woodzell, Ackner
C Dipley, Lowe, Tomlinson C Peake
D Tatge, Deschaine


A Borrowman, Nevius Counters
B Kilbourn, Moss A M.Spang, D. May, R.May
C C.Hatlee, J.Hatlee B Ackner, Gittinger, Molino
D Woodzell,Michelson C Belardo, Vanda, Voelker
E Dare, Jankowski D A.Spang,Borrowman, Crates
F Causey, Jones E Cornell, Peake, Small

Substitutes Bishop, Holmes


The prayerbook stresses that baptism is the beginning of full membership in the Church. Since all baptized Christians are welcome at the altar, discretion is left to parents as to when they want their child to begin receiving communion. Criteria for Confirmation involve the moment when a person is both old enough and prepared enough to know the implications of making a voluntary, public and personal acceptance of the vows made earlier at Baptism on his/her behalf.

Classes for parents and children who are planning to prepare for reception to the Holy Communion, and those who have already begun receiving but who want further preparation, will meet on two Wednesdays: October 20 in the parish hall from 4:45 pm to 6:15 pm and October 27 in the church from 4:45 pm to 5:30 pm. Parents are needed to help on October 21st.

Those parents wishing their children to take communion for the first time could plan to do so on the Eve of All Saints Sunday, October 31st at the 10:15 am Eucharist.


All Saint's Day is one of the seven principal feasts of the church. This dayis a celebration of Christ in His whole mystical body. We are reminded thatthe saints still support us by their witness and example and surround us with their love and prayers. All Saint's Day is the one day set aside each year when our faithful departed are remembered. If you would like to have a particular person remembered by name, please call the parish office. We will remember them on Sunday, October 31st in the Eucharists at 8 am & 10:15 am here at St. Stephen's. The later service will include first communion forsome of our young people. Second we will gather at a joint Episcopal Evensong, 7:00 pm at Saint Stephen's, Schenectady at which the newest rector in Schenectady, Fr. Reed, will preach.

There are many ways to celebrate All Saints!


October l  Jennifer Taylor, Dick Causey
3 Kabby Lowe
4 Alan Miller
6 Alexander Izzo
7 Susan Liberis, Davida Jones
11 Janet Schlansker
12 Don Molino
14 Diana BelardoDiana Belardo
15 Mildred Marks, Polly Mathews, Jesse Ledeen, Clarence Ledeen
17 Melissa Ehler
18 Helbert Baum
20 Katherine Casale
21 Tom Miller
23 Alice Petter, Gloria Lukas
24 Michael DeBritz
27 Peter Nelson
28 Janice Robinson, Ruth Cotton, Eunice Chouffi, Timothy Wilcox, Jr., Julia Ehler
31 Christopher Morin



9     Robert & Bonnie Bailey, Jess & Elizabeth Dipley

10     John & Linda Parillo

20     John & Dorothy Rigley

27     John & Elizabeth Casale

Letter: Lay Eucharistic Ministers

Dear Friends,

In many Episcopal churches around us there are several lay people designated as Lay Eucharistic Ministers (LEMs). They take communion to the homebound so that anyone who is used to receiving communion every week can continue to do so even though they cannot come to church. As our list of homebound members grows I find that I cannot bring communion once a week to them all. Therefore I am asking a group of lay people in Saint Stephen's to help me.

In the early church, many lay Christians took the bread and wine to the sick and infirm members of their communities. But as the church became more structured and the functions of deacons, priests, and bishops became more d efined, there was concern that by allowing the laity to continue this practice, priests would become lazy and not live up to their vows to care for their people by ministering to the sick and infirm. Therefore, by the Middle Ages, the right of lay people to do this was strictly curtailed, except in emergencies.

Please know that the use of LEMs at Saint Stephen's is not to replace my ministry of visitation but to provide a way to include the ill and infirm members of the congregation in the weekly celebration of the Eucharist. That is the basic principle behind Lay Eucharistic Ministry - to make the Eucharist widely available. What is at stake is not so much the rights of ministers, lay and ordained, but the need of Christians to participate fully in the Eucharist through the sacrament. Lay Eucharistic Ministers are the way the Holy Spirit is guiding the modem church to provide for this need.

In a few weeks we will ‘commission' those lay people who have studied and trained to be Lay Eucharistic Ministers. The commissioning will take place at an 8 am and a 10:15 am Eucharist. Please join with me in welcoming this important new ministry of the congregation.

Safe House

The needed item for the month of October is shampoo: please place items in the Safe House basket in the Narthex


Please donate children's books, used or new for preschool through 6th grade for SICM Food Program. Books will be given to families who want to encourage reading.

Thank you

Thanks you for your continued support of the Service Committee's efforts

Educators to explore a new program of spiritual formation for young people at Saint Stephen's

Many people in this congregation have attended a Jewish bar mitzvah or bas mitzvah. Our service of Confirmation at one time served a similar purpose - a rite of initiation from childhood to adulthood, but that has changed over the past thirty years. For some time it has been clear that the Episcopal Church has needed a rite of passage where young people are charged with the responsibility to use wisely the creative power unleashed within them at puberty.

Saint Stephen's is considering a program that was developed over a ten-year period by parishioners of Saint Philip's Church in Durham, NC which balances Bible study, prayer and both serious and playful activities to nurture the whole person during the passage from childhood to adulthood. The curriculum would cover students from Middle School through High School. Middle School curriculum assists young people as they take the first steps of passage away from their families and into their own lives. It begins with a liturgical celebration of the gift of womanhood and manhood. During then next three years the class and youth group acknowledge the gift of gender and creates a safe haven to explore new ideas, new interests and new abilities.

When a young person turns 13 years old the event is celebrated in the church with a service loosely modeled on the Jewish bar mitzvah. The young person helps to lead worship the culmination of which is when he or she kneels as the clergy and parents lay hands on each youth.

In High School the students are helped to understand and affirm Christian living in preparation for Confirmation. Activities blend action and contemplation in teaching young people faith living. To prepare them for adulthood they learn six basic skills: active listening, negotiation, assertion, research, partnership and leadership. At this point they are equipped for new levels of responsibility. They are recognized as young adults, rather than children and invited to make a holy pilgrimage.

During the first three Wednesday evenings in October leaders of youth at Saint Stephen's will be trained in using this curriculum and then will decide how applicable it would be for our young people. Anyone interested may attend.


Church school classes began September 19 and meet downstairs on Sundays from 9 to 10 AM. New students are welcome, and parents may register them when they come for class.                                                          

Age / Grade Size
3 & 4-year-olds 6    (and maybe 2’s!) 6
K - 1st Grade 8
2nd - 3rd Grade   10
4th - 5th Grade 3
6th - 8th Grade 13
9th - 12th Grade 8

Thank you very much to those who have offered their service as teachers or aides this year: Nan Blaufuss, Sheila Boyce, Liz and John Casale, Kim Chapman, Suzanne Coonradt, Dave Crates, Allison de Kanel, Vicki Hoshko, Janine Phillips, Dawn Rizzo, and George Woodzell.

Teachers (and aides and substitutes) are still needed, especially after Thanksgiving. Please consider if you may be called to this important ministry. If you would like to help out, speak to Father James.

Schedule for October: 

10/3      Regular Classes
10/10 Intergenerational (Columbus Day weekend)
10/17  Regular Classes
10/24 Regular Classes
10/31   All Saints’ Day celebration – Intergenerational


This program helps to provide used furnishings in good condition to families in need. This year we were asked to take our turn with the Home Furnishings truck during August and September. Many, many thanks to the five crews who each spent an afternoon or evening picking up and delivering donated furniture:

Scott Kilbourn and Charlie Mertz

Dave & Denise Crates, Mike DeBritz and Gary Rigley

Rick Morin and George & Stephen Woodzell

John Casale, Ralph May and Gene Whitney

Budd Mazurek, Carole Merrill-Mazurek and Tom Miller

And thanks also to those who were willing to help but were not scheduled this time. We will have a chance to do this again next summer!


At the September assembly, William Delia from the Red Cross spoke about Y2K concerns, and the need for individual and community preparation in the event of the disruption of necessary services. A prepared congregation will be able to reach out to those in need in their neighborhood. David Carlson from Christ Church Episcopal presented a four-page summary of the situation, which includes steps for a congregation to take to provide a safety net "to help us take care of all those that God has entrusted to us." He offered to share Christ Church’s plan with those who are interested.

For the pantry, please continue to bring in Stages 2 & 3 baby food dinners.

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