The Messenger

September 1998


This course will spend examine some of the influencial preaches who disagreed with the Church of England and how they formed our Christian Heritage.John Bunyan and the Puritans: Sept 20John Bunyan is best remembered for The Pilgrim's Progress. In his own day, he was known as a soul-stirring preacher. But he was a "non-conformist" and an "unauthorized" preacher. Nevertheless, nothing could stop him from proclaiming the Gospel. Don't miss this authentic sample of 17th century Puritan preaching.John Wesley and Methodism: Sept. 27 The Preacher - John Wesley's messages cut to the heart of his 18th century listeners. You'll see why as you experience this captivating message as given by one of the most powerful preachers ever. This dramatic BBC reenactment of Wesley's preaching was shot on location at his Bristol church.William Wilberforce: October 4 As a young politician, Wilberforce dedicated his life to the seemingly impossible task of the abolition of slavery in 18th century Britain. Finally, after decades of struggle, his cause prevailed. Using an extensive collection of original printings and historical art to tell his story, this class will attempt to show the difference committed believers can make in combating social ills.All classes are on Sunday mornings at 9:00 am and take place in the parish hall. Discussions are led by the rector.


September 13th

...will take place at 9:00 am following the early service and again during the coffee hour following the 10:15 am Eucharist.There will be a table set up for each leader of the parish, at all levels, in all kinds of activities and services. COME AND DISCOVER 

September 20th

(immediately following the 10:15 am service) WHAT WE WILL DO:.....we will have a cookout picnic......we will enjoy games!WHAT TO BRING:.....picnic blanket or chairs.....a dish to share. Beverages, hot dogs and hamburgers will be provided......eating utensils.....wear your picnic clothes!!


Sign-up forms for "Foyers - Fall '98 will be available at the Parish Faire on September 13th. It is essential that you sign up to participate in the fifth year of Foyers as we cannot assume that all those who have already participated will continue this fall.The Foyer program at St. Stephen's emerged as part of our mission discernment and involves eight to ten people meeting monthly for dinner and conversation in each others homes. If you have any questions, please call the parish office.


And they are bigger and better than ever! The Entertainment "Ultimate 99" offers more new restaurants and offers than in 98. It's bigger and better than ever.....and don't forget to send in your registration card so you will be entitled to receive special newsletters about additional restaurants and other offers! We only purchased 1 case this year (20 books) so get yours soon.Get yours at the church Shop or stop by the parish office.Books are still only $40.00 each - a great buy!! new text


A sign-up sheet is located at the SHOP for anyone who would like to host a coffee hour after the 8:00 and 10:15 am services. If you've never done it before, sign up with someone who has. Directions follow below.


Everything is provided except milk for coffee and tea. Cakes and cookies are a time-honored tradition but optional for you to provide.At 8:00 am service, you can use the small coffee pot that is on the counter. Start the coffee before the service so it will be done by the time the service is over.Everything can be placed on the cart that is in the kitchen and wheeled out to the back of the parish hall extension since this is where all the 8:00 o'clockers congregate.PLEASE BE SURE TO CLEAN UP AFTER AND MAKE SURE EVERYTHING IS PUT BACK IN THE KITCHEN.For the 10:15 am service, use the large percolator (60cup). Explicit directions are on the wall by the pot. Coffee should begin percolating by 10:00 am. Boil water prior to the service for tea - turn off the burners during the service and prepare tea in 2 pitchers when you return after communion. Mix 3 pitchers of lemonade and place in refrigerator during the service.All cabinets are labeled. Coffee hour cabinet is to the left of the sink under the counter, with excess supplies in the black cabinet in the back hall. Cups and napkins are in the cabinet under where the coffee pot sits.Clean up everything you use and return to its proper place.


Each Sunday, the distribution committee of the altar guild delivers flowers to the sick and shut-in members of our parish family. This is done on a rotating schedule with a team of two people. If you would like to volunteer for this important ministry, call Kabby Lowe at 346-8879 or sign-up at the Parish Faire on September 13th. Our administrative assistant, Janice Robinson, is celebrating her 20th year this month at St. Stephen's Church!! She began working 2 days a week for Fr. Harris beginning on September 8, 1978 and says "we've come a long way into the modern age' since then!!"


The rector continues to lead a Bible study after the Thursday morning service of Eucharist and Healing. The study, beginning at 10:45 am, focuses on the lections for the coming Sunday, and everyone is most welcome to join. REMEMBER OUR VISITORS - PLEASE WEAR YOUR NAME TAG