Office: 1229 Baker Avenue, Schenectady, NY 12309
Office: or 346-6241

Fr. James McDonald
Rev. Dennie Bennett
Assisting Priest
Pat Jones, Deacon
Miranda Rand
Education/ Sunday School
Nursery school Teachers
Laura and Chris
Nursery School Teachers
Doug and Susan Lohnas
Choir Director & Organist

The Vestry

The Vestry
Sr. Warden, Dan Ruscitto; Jr. Warden, Linda Emaelaf
Clerk: Elissa Prout; Treasurer: Denise Crates

Vestry  Class of 2018
Liz Varno, Mary Alexander, Jean Stefanski
Vestry Class of 2019
Stephanie Grimason, Mary Ann Harrington, Jamie Cooke
Vestry Class of 2020
Theresa Fay, Denise Crates, Erin Cohen

Delegates to the Diocesan Convention
Peter Nelson
The Endowment Fund is created and exists solely for the charitable
purposes of St. Stephens's, with its principal objective being the promotion
and development of religious, charitable and educational activities, and for
non-recurring purposes not regularly budgeted by St. Stephen's.
Marti Spang, Treasurer

Building Use

Our facilities are available for some kinds of rental use. Building Use


St. Stephen's Church

Finance  Committee
Bill Frank - cp
Denise Crates - tres.
Liz Varno
Austin Spang
Dan Ruscitto
Linda Emaelaf

Endowment  Committee
Austin Spang
Marti Spang – tres.
Bill Frank
Sal Belardo
Budd Mazurek

Personnel  Committee
Linda Emaelaf – cp
Stephanie Grimason
Stan Jakubowski
Carole Merrill-Mazurek
Joanne Frank

Nominating Committee
Claudia Jakubowski – cp
Linda Emaelaf
Liz Varno
Mary Alexander

Buildings & Grounds Committee
Stan Jakubowski - cp
Jerry Perregaux
Sal Belardo
Keith Nelson
Brian Riordan
Gillian Woodcock
Peter Nelson

Communications Committee
Chris Jones- cp
Richey Woodzell
Peter Nelson
Elissa Prout
Liz Varno

First Friends Committee
Kate Riordon - cp
Erin Cohen
Denise Crates
Joe Palko
Mary Alexander
Laura Bynon, staff
Chris Quinn, Staff


Archive of Annual Reports

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