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The fist picture is a women sweeping the ground along a street, the brooms are all homemade. These women are everywhere and they don't believe in using rakes. The second picture is of Andrei and his friend Dylan. Dylan and his parents are from Portland, Oregon and they are adopting an infant girl. Andrei and Dylan dancing! - DAVE


Andrei in his new bathrobe and traditional " Kazakh " hat. He likes to dance after taking a bath. - DAVE

You do anything you can to keep them occupied, that is Denise, Andrei and Vera!! - DAVE


Karaganda, the city where the orphanage is located, is in the heart of the coal mining region of Kazakhstan. The entire city, both public and private structures, is heated by a public coal-fired hot water heating system. The pipes are visible above the ground in many places. They are a total eyesore!! The first two photos are along a public street accessing several large residential buildings. I think the St Stephen's youth group could do a better job constructing a roadway. The third picture is a statue that was erected in honor of the pioneers of the coal mining industry. - DAVE



Amusement Park: a humbling experience!


Three pictures of the apartments that surround the orphanage. The court yards between the buildings contain playgrounds in various states of repair. We found one that Andrei likes to visit.  - DAVE

The first two pictures are of the orphanage.
One picture of myself and Vera.
One picture of Andrei and a playmate.
The kids are amazing!!!!
We miss everyone.

Dave, Denise, Andrei & Vera



Two pictures of Andrei & his playmates at the orphanage. Two photos of Andrei & his roomates at snack time during the afternoon. I will take more photos of Vera the next few days.


& Denise in the background with Vera...

The first set of five pictures.

Dave and Andrei Charles

Denise with Vera Lourene and Andrei


Andrei and Denise

Denise and Andrei

Andrei's Bedroom

Andrei's bedroom

Andrei's friends

Andrei's playroom

The circus

Photo taken at the circus

They had to PAY to have this one taken!


Vera's crib space


Yesterday was Victory Day in Europe, the day that the Germans were defeated by the Russians and their allies. We saw that President Bush was in Moscow for the Russian celebration. We attended a short parade & celebration. The crowd at the parade made picture taking a problem. The last picture is of a typical police officer or security guard. Gotta love their hats!!   - DAVE

the hat!

Around Karagonda

Around Karagonda

May 16.  Local Theater

Demise, Andrei, and caregivers.


Some playground pictures:



Vera and caregivers


We'll be glad to get you guys BACK!

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