The Annual Report
Ministry & Administration
Saint Stephen's Episcopal Church
Presented at the
Annual Meeting
Sunday, January 22, 2012

1935 The Plaza, Schenectady, New York 12309
www.saintstephenschenectady .org

Saint Stephen's Episcopal Church

Parish Staff

The Rev. Dr. James R. McDonald, Rector,
The Rev. Patricia L. Jones, Deacon,
Robert Acosta, Director of Music
Mr. Joe White, Sexton

The Vestry

Sr Warden, Millie Gittinger, Senior Warden, Class of 2011

Jr Warden, Linda Emaelaf, Junior Warden, Class of 2011

Austin Spang, Class of 20ll

Richie Woodzell, Class of2011

Scott Kilbourn, Class of2012

Jim Ormsbee, Class of 2012

Peter Nelson, Class of2012

Erin Cohen, Class of2013

Brian Riodon, Class of2013

Treasurer: Denise Crates, Class of 20 13



Call to Order
Opening Prayer
Verification of Quorum
Appointment of Clerk of the Meeting
Minutes of the 2011 Annual Meeting
Reports Received by Title or Voice
Report of the Nominating Committee
Candidates for Vestry & for Delegates to Diocesan Convention
Balloting (if necessary)
Examination of Financial Statements for the year ending 2011
Examination of Budget for 2012
Commissioning of Wardens and Vestry Members


Minutes of 2011 Meeting

January 16, 2011

The meeting was opened at 11:45 AM with a prayer by Father James.

Roseann Caruso was appointed Clerk of the Meeting.

Review of the 2010 meeting minutes resulted in corrections as follows:

Page 3-Bereavement Committee: Marilyn Causey stated that there is no bereavement committee now, but a
group is in the process of being started.
Page 4- Vestry Nominations: Spelling of name to be corrected Linda Emaelaf.
These changes were approved by everyone in attendance.

Father James noted the ease of submitting reports via email. Tim Olsen set up a microphone for the speakers.
Worship Committee:June Russell said "I love this church" and thanked the members of the Altar Guild for
working so hard, doing the Christmas decorations, the memorial flower contributions. She said that the Altar
Guild is open to anyone.

Christian Fonnation: George Woodzell reminded everyone due to the kitchen not being available, the sub
sandwiches for Super Bowl Sunday (benefiting the Youth Group Work Camp) must be ordered ahead of time.
Father James thanked the Youth Group for the Worship Service they conducted on January ih. There were nine
children that participated in Confirmation Education and seven were confirmed. He also mentioned that the
Adult Education Group is a great group to work with.

Tim Olsen also thanked Brian Riordon for working with the children.

Deacon Pat Jones also thanked the parishioners for participation in STCM and the flower memorials. The
Pastoral Care Team is looking for a leader. Please see Father James. Funeral receptions will also be continued.
Father James stated there were 2 members of the clergy at the 10:15 service; attendance is down. On page 28,
Line item 5111 (Salaries- Christian Education Director), we have laid off staff, but after a meeting with the
Vestry and the Finance Committee there was a choice to have certain items and not pay for a Christian
Education Director. Laura Davis continued without pay and the Vestry decided not to cut the position. The
emphasis is on getting more young families into the congregation and the Vestry wanted the position to remain
in the budget and this says a lot about where the congregation is right now.

Noting Page 16, top line (Palish Statistics, Baptized Members), the number has actually increased. We only had
two transfers out this year. Until other people actually transfer, this is the real number. The Church School had
29 kids, now some are gone. In 2011, the numbers may be even less. Even with those children confirmed, some
are gone. Average Sunday attendance is also down; the 8 :00 service remains steady; the 10: 15 service is down.



Pledges: a vast majority have increased their pledges, the bad news is that there are not many of them. Looking
at the amount ofthe pledges to the number of people here- people want this congregation to thrive, We need
new families, new pledges coming in. The expectation is that in 2012, we can have full-scale programs. In
2011, we will have a full Children's Program, including a mid-week program for kids. I will work with the
Christian Education Director to make this work.

Any questions/ comments?

Carole Merrill Mazurek, Senior Warden was not present. Tracy Ormsbee, Junior Warden, thanked everyone
who is here. She stated that "it had been a difficult year", but we have chosen to stay". She also voiced
excitement regarding the names for the Nominating Committee,

Father James said that it had been a difficult year; a "contentious atmosphere". His respect goes to Carole and
Tracy for their hard work and effort. Attendees applauded.

Father James stated that the Senior and Junior Warden Positions are for one year. Seven people have been
nominated: Brian Riordan is out of town, Jim __ is ice fishing, Erin Cohen is tending to an ailing
parent, Peter Nelson, Scott Kilbourne, Richie Woodzell, Millie Gittinger.

Peter Nelson and Alison de Kanel have agreed to be Convention Delegates. The Convention takes place for 2.5
days at Camp of the Woods in Speculator. We are entitled to three delegates and someone can volunteer. Please
see Father James.

Peter Nelson stated that "he was excited to be going again" and "is interested in the ideas, but disappointed in
the process". Motion to accept was given by Austin Spang, approved by everyone in attendance.

Building Committee Report:Austin Spang stated "it was a year of ups and downs; a leaming experience, but
we got through it". We will start to see construction trucks at the end of March and it will take about 14 months
to complete the project. He met with National Grid to move the power pole. Ifthere are any questions or
comments, please ask him. He will have ongoing meetings with the architects.

Reid House is complete and the Nursery School is in full use. It took "a lot of people" and "hard work". A
handicap access ramp was built for approx $2000.00. He appreciated the work done by the Over the Hill Gang
and Jack and Susan Feyrer.

Father James stated that the Vestry has voted to change the name from Reid House to "Spang" House. (Marty
and Austin's house) . The Spangs gave up their vacation time to work on it. This was met with applause. Father
J ames is also getting a plaque to be placed on the house. Another open house will be held in the spring. The
enrollment is up; both teacher's and parents love it. There will be more news as time goes on.

Shop Report: (rep0l1 was omitted)Marilyn Humphrey stated that purchases from the shop have netted $800.00
and it will be used as two scholarships for the Youth Work Camp. She thanked everyone for shopping and gave
a special thank you to Lily Holcombe for helping at the shop.

Finance Committee:Bill Frankl Denise Crates. Bill thanked the Finance Committee including Denise, Austin
and Sid Woodcock for all their hard work. He stated that, as Father James had said, that pledges are down, but
the pledge amounts had increased. When the preliminary budget was sent out, decisions were made to remove
some items from the 20 II budget. Money has been budgeted for the Secretarial Staff. STeM, Outreach and the

Union College Chaplain were removed to have a balanced budget. We felt that we could not include them, but
be aware that we would like to fund these items. Any suggestions will be taken as to how to accomplish that. If
pledges increase, then we can include them.
Father James stated that if we grow- "which we must", then these items can be included. The Finance
Committee strives for a balanced budget. Father James asked to please tell your friends about st. Stephen's-
"we are on the upswing".
Marilyn Humphrey questioned the 5016 (Outreach) item in the budget. Bill Frank then said there is not money
currently budgeted for this, but we would like to. Father James stated that there was only $50.00 spent in 20 I O.
He said there is no coordination for this, and asked if someone would like to coordinate this and where the
money should be allocated? Richie Woodzell said that the $50.00 is misleading, because Outreach projects were
done. Denise Crates then said that these are outside expenses and not part of the operating budget, that is why
they do not show. Father James stated that there were many contributions, such as to Bethesda House and that
we are trying to meet the needs of the community.

Bill Frank also thanked Sue Feyrer for her help also on the Finance Committee.
Father James asked if there was any old/new business. Austin Spang would like to motion to have the Annual
Meeting on the fourth Sunday in January to avoid the Martin Luther King Holiday. George Woodzell seconded
the motion.

Tim Olsen then asked to make sure that it does not coincide with the Super Bowl. This was unanimously favored.

Tracy Ormsbee then thanked everyone for the toiletry kits that were made for Bethesda House. There was a
great response and she will be going again in two weeks.

Father James then stated that this is "wonderful and true to our past". The first meeting at St. Stephen's was in a
storefront in 1928. The first project then was Outreach and it continues today.

Marilyn Causey then mention Budget Item 5303 (Sexton). There is a person that does cleaning duties for the

Father James said that people are hired for services, including, cleaning, snow removal, secretarial. Father
James and Linda (Emaelaf) will be recruiting for the secretarial position.

Tim Olsen commented that there were many families in attendance at the Christmas Eve Service, but there was
no nursery available. Father James noted that this shouldn't happen and it will be remedied.

Father James then has the New Vestry Members come forward to the Altar to be commissioned with the
Wardens. They are given pins and asked by Father James to wear them to be recognized by the congregation.
The Vestry Handbook is also given to them. There is a round of applause for the candidates.

Father James then motioned to adjourn the meeting.

It is acknowledged by the congregation and the meeting ends at 12:40 PM.

Respectfully submitted.

Roseann Caruso



Lectors and Chalice Bearers' Ministry

Every service has a chalice bearer and two readers from the congregation. If you are interested in becoming a
chalice bearer and/or lecture, please contact the clergy.
Marilyn Causey, scheduler

The Altar Guild Annual Report for 2011

The Altar Guild faithfully undertakes the care of the altar of the church. The members prepare for all services
including baptisms, weddings, funerals, and other services. This includes preparation for Holy Eucharist. The
Guild also takes care of the laundering of the linens, cleaning and polishing of all the silver and brass, and the
ordering and arranging of flowers.

The Guild meets four times a year for updates and polishing and decorating the church for Easter and
Christmas. All interested people are invited to be a member of the Altar Guild and share in the privilege of
serving at God's Altar. Please contact any member or Father James.

Many thanks to Liz Levine, who has resigned from the Altar Guild, and to Pauline who is in leave of absence.
We appreciate all their wonderful work for Sr Stephen's Church.

Everyone is invited to participate through the use of our special envelopes: Christmas greens, Easter flowers,
and All Saints' Day flowers. Parishioners may also choose a particular Sunday to give the flowers on the altar,
either as a memorial or in thanksgiving. Please contact June Russell if you wish to give a memorial gift. The
Altar Guild appreciates your support

The Altar Guild wishes to thank all those who helped decorate the church for Christmas. We appreciate all the
many contributions and gifts of thanksgiving made to the church.
Altar Guild Members: Charline Hoffinann, Katharine Lowe, Carolyn Morin, Pauline Northrop, June Russell, Jean Versocki, Gillian Woodcock

Respectfully submitted,
June Russell, Directress

Christian Formation

Christian Education Annual Report

Currently we have two groups who met weekly on Sunday mornings.

The grade 7-12 group meets in the chapel at 9:00 with George Woodzell and Peter Nelson. This group has been
studying world religions, contemporary social and political issues, and contemporary Protestant worship.
Visitors to the group have included an interfaith youth storytelling group, Children at the Well, Tashi Palden, a
former Buddhist monk from Tibet, and Zipporah Harris, a local Judaics teacher. These visitors have encouraged
lively discussion and brought a ground roots source ofinfonnation about their faith traditions and religious
culture to the group.

The Pre-school through Grade 6 group meets in the Tower Room during the 10:15am service, using the Godly
Play cuniculum - a creative and deeply spiritual Bible-based program written by an Episcopal priest with a
background in early childhood development who developed the series while working as a children's hospital

For the first six months of2011 the group was using the Episcopal Children's Curriculum and meeting in the
Nursery School building on Garner Avenue. During the course of the summer, Father James and I worked
together to research an altemate curriculum and to find a different space to meet - the lack of adequate
sidewalks on The Plaza and Garner Ave. due to construction work and the outdoor trek to Gamer each week,
with the prospect of winter approaching, posed safety concerns for our children.

The Youth Group continues to meet with George Woodzell and Tracy & Jim Ormsbee, baking cookies for
college students, having fun together and most recently, making regular trip to Schoharie to help in the
Schoharie Recovery project.

I am grateful to Brian Riordon who kept things going with the younger group during the period that the
congregation was without a formal staff person for education, and continues actively engaged in the learning
process; to George Woodzell for his unfailing enthusiasm for teenagers and all the makes their world tick; and
to Father James, whose support and counsel has been invaluable.

I am enthusiastically looking forward to establishing the education program in the new building and to
continuing to be watchful for new developments in the Christian Education field.

Thank you to everyone who has worked in the education programs in the past year, and to the congregation for
their warm welcome.

Miranda Rand, Christian Education Director


Youth Group

St. Stephen's youth group reflects the ethos of our parish, mixing service projects with fun, and regular
activities with some that are not so regular. In July of2011 our group went on our annual summer workcamp
trip, combining with the youth group from Union Presbyterian Church to take twenty-five people to a
workcamp in Peterstown, West Virginia. In the fall, our groups got together again, this time to provide child
care at Congregation Gates of Heaven, so that parents of young children there could participate in the temple's
High Holy Days celebrations.

Our youth group members' strong, genuine desire to help others has led to a variety of service projects:
In early December we baked cookies and sent them offto former youth group members, now college
students, as our way of encouraging them as they prepared for final exams.

Approximately every other week, we leave immediately after Sunday school class to travel to Schoharie, to
help the residents there clean up from the devastating floods of last summer.

We offer child care at times such as Christmas and Valentine's Day, when parents of young children would
like some time for shopping or a quiet evening together.

We can provide strong bodies for tasks that require lifting, moving, or perhaps just a few extra hands (and
backs), and gentle, helpful guidance for people whose computers and other electronic devices are sources of
mystery and frustration, rather than useful tools.

As always, next summer we're off to another work camp, this time in Kanawha County, West Virginia. (An
important part of these trips south and west is a stop in Staunton, Virginia, where we spend a night with our
friends from Emmanuel Episcopal Church.)

We'd welcome anyone who would like to take part in these activities. About the only requirements are that you
enjoy young people, can get by on less-than-usual amounts of sleep, and don't mind being challenged by some
very bright, inquiring, fearless young minds. Oh, a sense of humor helps, too.

Even if you can't join us for our workcamp trips, you can help with our finances: registration for twenty-five
people costs roughly $10,000, rental of vans costs approximately $2700, and, of course, gas just gets more and
more expensive.

George Woodzell

Adult Education

Despite a lack of space the clergy offered a full range of adult education courses for 2011. Inquirers' Classes
were given in the winter and autumn. A successful Sunday evening Lenten study on the historical role of
religion in US public life was offered in the spring. A book club formed and the group read a wide variety of
novels. A year-long course, Faith Lessons, was given on Thursday mornings weaving together the Bible's
fascinating historical, culture, religious, and geographical context. A history course explored the formation of
the early church from Christ to Constantine on Sunday mornings. Also on Sunday mornings, we had a year-
long conversation about how we live out our faith in the world, called Living the Questions. New this year in
lent was an all-day Centering Prayer Retreat, based in the Christian contemplative heritage.


Mission & Ministry

Deacon's Report

The year 2011 has been a busy one, both in and out of the jail. Rather than try to quantify my activities, I will
offer a few examples of how the year has gone.

First, my work in the Schenectady County Jail has been greatly assisted by the work of others, especially Mary
Frances Hatfield of st. Stephen's and Mariellen Boomhower of Trinity Presbyterian Church in Glenville. These
two women have visited with me on most Sundays in the jail, providing compassionate presence for the women
who reside there. They bring their own gifts to this ministry, and greatly increase the number of hours and depth
of commitment beyond what anyone person could provide. And we have joy as we work together! Trinity
Presbyterian Church has also added greatly to the material benefits that St. Stephen's provides for the women:
sweat shirts and long johns are comforting in more ways than one, for women in a chilly jail! In addition, I
appreciate the interest and cooperation of the j ail staff in our work, especially Sheriff Dom D' Agostino and
Supt. Barrett and the officers on the tiers. They really are very cooperative and supportive.

Our work in the jail doesn't change much over the years: regular weekly visits, plus providing a few essential
items such as underwear, greeting cards, Bibles and "Forward Day by Day" pamphlets. One statistic: over 60
packages of clothing were delivered to the women in the jail in 2011. But our work also involves helping the
women's families, in such ways as passing along telephone messages. (Before an inmate can call home, "home"
must put a $50 deposit on their phone in order to receive jail calls. This is often impossible, so we try to bridge
the gap. The most frequent messages: "I love you" and "Visiting hours are thus and such, please come and see
me!") And from time to time I pick up an inmate's property when she leaves the jail to go to state prison,
hoping that she will eventually come home and reclaim those few important items from my garage.

But the needs of former inmates, when they get out of jail, seem to have grown in the wake of the national and
international financial situation. It seems to me that there are greater and more urgent health needs: doctors to
visit, emergency room visits, children needing medical attention. Repeated trips to DSS are necessary, to get
needed services and fill out endless paperwork. (Have you noticed that the "new" DSS offices on Broadway are
already losing chunks of the facade, necessitating scaffolding over the door and sidewalk? To me, that
symbolizes the state of our care for the neediest in our community. Sometimes I think MY facade is getting a
little shaky, too! But I digress.)

The food pantries, and other food programs, are more urgently needed than ever: how often I will pick up
someone at 8:00 in the morning and drop them at the SICM food pantry, to pick them up several hours later and
help them get home with their food. Price Chopper Gift Cards, provided by the Rector's & Deacon's
discretionary funds, are sometimes the only way we can help with emergency food, but with rising prices they
don't go far enough for a family to get by for more than a couple of days.

Affordable housing is also a major issue for many people. Many families are forced to move in with relatives
(15 people in one small house, in one case) or stay in temporary (motel) shelters. Ifthey can find suitable
housing, paying the rent may leave them without any money for food and non-grocery items not covered by
food stamps.

This has been my experience for the year 2011. I am impressed by the resourcefulness and patience I see, the
refusal to give in to frustration and hopelessness. I am more than grateful for the financial and spiritual support
of St. Stephen's. If you have ever wondered what that little offertory envelope marked "Rector's Discretionary"
is you know. Father James and I share that fund; this is how my portion is spent. I know that I can
never solve the problems of this comer of the world, but I believe firmly that merely showing up and doing
what I can, day after day, is what I am called to do. God will take care of the rest.

Deacon Pat Jones

Flower Ministry/ Pastoral Care Teams

We have a sign up sheet in the back of the church to volunteer to visit the ill and shut-ins every week.
Most often, altar flowers are taken to those visited. If you know of someone who would appreciate a brief visit from
someone in the church, please notify the clergy or the church office. We could use more visitors.

Pleases call the parish office if you are interested in this important way to keep the homebound connected to
st. Stephen's or sign up in the back ofthe church.

Shop Annual Report:

A round of applause for all of you that purchased, supported or donated to the Shop. Through your efforts we
were able to give $500 to be used for Work Camp Scholarships. We do plan to meet that amount in 2012 as
well. Our beginning Balance on January 1, 2011 was $735.26 and our ending balance on December 31, 2011
was $725.35

Thank you all and a special thanks to Lily and Louise for their help "behind the counter."

Blessings to all, Marilyn Humphrey

Rector's Report

This is now the twenty-second occasion on which it is my responsibility as your Rector to reflect on the State of
this parish. As I reflect upon last year it is clear to me that it was a re-building year for this congregation, both
in the physical complex and in the congregation. In the past year we have hired a new staff, have begun a new
ministry with the First Friends Nursery School, have lived through more than half of our new building program
and have begun a very successful capital campaign program to furnish the new building. In all of these activities
I have heard members say that they have not felt this kind of vitality in the congregation for several years.
In some congregations the program activities would be suspended until a new building was completed, but not
at Saint Stephen's! 2011 saw a full schedule of church school and adult education classes, using every square
inch of our present church structure. The chapel has served as a classroom, a meeting room, a Sunday nursery
area, as well as a place for daily prayer. The back of the church served as a shop, coffee hour space and
information center.

2011 was extra-ordinary because we hired three new staff people. In the spring we welcomed our new
Christian Education Director, Miranda Rand and immediately she and I worked to rebuild the Church School.
This summer we welcomed our new Parish Administrator, Cathy Knauf. Cathy organized the office for greater
efficiency and is cheerful and courteous to visitors and to telephone callers. She has a good sense of what is
most important, and only involves me with day-to-day work when it is appropriate. In the fall we welcomed
Bob Acosta as our new Music Director. Bob brings his accomplished organ playing and congenial relationship
with the choir. He knows church music and the Episcopal service, knows what he wants from the choir, and
works hard to help them to achieve it. He is easy to get along with, while still being demanding. How blessed
we are to have such a staff! I also want to thank Linda Emaelaf as chairperson of the Personnel Committee for
all the effort she gave this year.

With a splendid staff in place and a building that will be completed this spring, this congregation is in a good
position to continue the re-building of the congregation. I wish to accomplish two major goals in 2012. First is
to grow the congregation - we need more people to join our church, especially young families. In late spring we
will have a state-of-the-art educational wing which will be very 'family friendly' - a great place to raise our
children in the Christian way of life. Miranda Rand has put together one of the most creative and lively Church
School programs I have ever witnessed called Godly Play. It is being used by hundreds of Episcopal Churches
with wonderful outcomes and I believe it is just what St. Stephen's needs at this time. When we occupy the new
building we will have plenty of space for Godly play! So let's get the word out to our friends and neighbors,
now, that we are a 'kid-friendly' congregation where Christian learning is fun.

In the coming year we need to share God's Word with others - from our hearts, by telling them how we came to
know Christ, and by describing the difference it has made in our life and the place Saint Stephen's has had in
our life. Then, we simply invite people to come to church. We can invite people to join a Bible Study, or give
them a Forward Day by Day booklet and invite them to read it each morning when they start the day. Invite
them to your foyer group. George Gallup says that when he polls those who do not belong to a Christian
community and asks why they don't, 20% say, "Because no one's every invited me."

My second goal is to have the new building used throughout the week. It is not too early to ask how we can use
the building in a way that will meet the spiritual needs of our own congregation and the members of the
community around us. This could include after school programs, alcoholics anonymous, mothers support
groups and any other interest groups in the area. The vestry is beginning to explore the possibility of using the
space for wedding and other receptions and activities.

I don't believe the adage, "Build and they will come." However, I do believe that God is doing a marvelous
thing here in our congregation and that we can continue to 'build on God's blessings' in the coming year.

Administration & Finance

New Parish Hall

2011 has been an exciting year. In March and early April we saw the old parish hall taken down. During the
summer, the new building began taking shape with the foundations poured and the framing being built. A
milestone occurred when the roof trusses for the nave extension and the parish hall were lifted into place. It
was wonderful to see the architects drawings become 3 dimensional reality.

One of the major delays was the old power pole. It unfortunately was located right in the middle of the new
kitchen. About a third of the building could not be built until the electrical and telephone wires were removed.
The electrical wires were moved at the end of August and the telephone cable was moved in October. Once the
pole was out of the way, the remaining framing occurred very rapidly. The various subcontractors could then
complete roughing in the electrical, plumbing, and heating systems.

With winter coming on, considerable effort was made to finish up the outside work. Rough grading was
completed, sidewalks were poured and the new parking lot was completed. The masonry was completed. Slate
roofing was put on the Nave extension and part of the Gamer Avenue roof. We await the delivery of more slate
to complete the roof and allow the interior work to be completed.

Allegrone expects that the building will be completed by June 1.


Original Contract Sum   $2,050,000
Additional costs   66,688

initial Startup

  Asbestos removal 14,823
  Remove concrete structure 2,184
Design changes   17,007
  Drainage 3,200
  Sprinkler system 1,053
  Expansion joint 2,647
  Makeup Air Unit 5,364
St. Stephen's Request    
  Underslab drainage 7,063
  Single phase circulator 2,195
  High efficiency boiler 5,700
  Air conditioning 11,000
  New front walk 11,459
Paid to date   $1,580,117
Amount to be paid   $ 623,787

Submitted by Austin Spang

Parish Statistics


Christopher Rea Kirby
Mattox Akira Humphrey


Michael Stoddard Dixon
Claudia Anne Jakubowski
Stanley Michael Jakubowski
Lisa Monique McDonald


James & Lisa McDonald


Olive Carter Luczka
Jean Hadley
Isabella Dewhurst
Eber Davis
Marian Sevinski

Transfers In

Priscilla Sprague

Transfers Out

Dennis Wisnom
Tim Olsen
Susie Olsen
William Olsen
Pierce Olsen
Michael Bishop
Pauline Holmes
Ryan Clark Davis
Laura Suzanne Messier Davis
Clark Joseph Davis
Grant Jaquith
Rosemarie Jaquith
Larene Jaquith
Gordon Jaquith
Olivia Jaquith
Isabelle Jaquith



... Pages and pages of financial reports...

Commissioning of Wardens
and Vestry Members


I present to you these persons to be admitted to the ministry of warden and member
of the vestry in this congregation.


The Lord gives wisdom; from his mouth come knowledge and understanding; he
stores up sound wisdom for the upright; he is a shield to those who walk in


I am your servant; grant me understanding;


That I may know your decrees.


Let us pray. O Eternal God, the foundation of all wisdom and the source of all
courage: Enlighten with your grace the wardens and vestry of this congregation,
and so rule their minds, and guide their counsels, that in all things they may seek
your glory and promote the mission of your Church; through Jesus Christ our Lord.

In the Name of God and of this congregation, I commission you [N] as warden/vestry member
in this parish and I give you this pin as a token of your ministry.